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Hello Everyone,

Just making a quick post. Sorry If I've been a little M.I.A lately, I've had so many things to plan this month. So many birthdays and Comic-Con NY coming up next week.

For those of who might be interested I WILL BE COVERING COMIC-CON OCTOBER 8-10. Even if you're not a comic fan you should definitely tune in. There will be great Cosplay (Costume Play) and there will be a Anime runway show. I'm guessing the runway show will have a lot of Harajuku/Lolita inspiration. I love comics and graphic novels. I've read a lot and look forward to make more time to pick up more.

What has everyone been up to? Feel free to share. I'll be back soon doll faces

Xo Nubia xO

Wearing Joyce Hoodie, We Love Colors Thigh highs rolled down, Triple 5 Soul boots, Bebe leggings, Loop Clutch

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