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Hey everyone!

Yesterday I went out for a stroll with George and my camera just trying to clear my mind a bit. Trying to figure out what I want to do, and how I'm getting where I want to be.

Aren't you excited about Fall! I know all my readers aren't in the same season but I am thrilled about Fall. I'm super hyped about layering.

Some items I think will be imperative for me this Fall are: Pretty ponchos and capes, comfortable wedges, long trenches with short skirts, cool hats, baggy chic pants, Awesome prints, AND a good turtle neck (I'm pretty picky with those). Those are a few off the top of my head among many. I feel as if bloggers always become more interesting in the Fall season.

I will leave you with some photographs that were taken yesterday. I am totally IN LOVE with my furry leopard Uniqlo hat!


Wearing Uniqlo hat, Bebe zipper leggings, Misc Top, Betsey Johnson purse, Bucco military boots

P.S. George loves my Nautica Sunglasses hehe

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  1. How adorable your bf also steals your sunglasses. I'm always questioning what I should do and how I can get there.

  2. I am so excited for the Autumn. It's my favourite season!! I'm really excited for wearing more boots.

  3. I love your shirt, this may sound weird, but it looks so versatile!

  4. Honestly I can't wait to wear leggings again! It's been a brutally humid summer in Nashville..

  5. Your hat is AWESOME Nubia! Well I've moved to a very hot country so there is no Fall for me (but that's okay, I prefer the heat :P) but I love to see the interesting ways that people layer their clothes in the chilly seasons!


  6. The second picture is so cute. I agree fall is secretly my favorite too. I love still my sweater dresses lol and boots are always in command for me too.

  7. You guys have to be the most stylish couple ever! Fall is my favorite season too and I'm a big fan of layering! BTW - I've been doing some soul searching too. It's so easy to caught up in doing things and not realizing why we are doing them in the first place! Good luck in whatever you're planning to do :)

  8. i agree with the capes! i was going to add turtlenecks to my list but though i think they are a must have.. i do feel like my head is rather large for them .. embarrassing :(

  9. Thanks guys

    Damsels: Don't worry I feel the same way about turtle necks lol

  10. i'm in love with your furry hate too!

    i saw some leaves fall outside my window yesterday and i must admit, my heart skipped a beat! this is my fav time of year.

  11. Loving your uber cute beret, doll! And I have my eye on a new cape coat as well - so fun to wear!! <3

  12. looking gorgeous the hat...and your earrings too!!!


  13. hi darling. youre looking so beautiful.
    that smile of yours make me happy too ;)
    such a fun hat.
    great find


  14. You look amazing! Great shoes, and the i love love love your hat! Long time, no talk though, hey? :) Panda xo

  15. Super cute guys look cool wearing them : ) Don't think my noggin could pull that off though...hahaha...thanks for commenting on my blog!!!

  16. Thank you for your comment, lady! You blog is really nice, have a great week. ~

  17. you both make these hats look simply divine


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