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I told you I would be back soon, didn't I? I am absolutely thrilled and overly excited that I got to attend the IFB evolving influence conference today. Anyone that was there could have told you the energy in that room was freaking unreal. I felt like I was getting hit by inspiration bats! I kid you not my friend. If you didn't get to attend, hopefully you were lucky enough to see it on the live stream (which I heard was pretty cool)

I'd like to start off by saying that Jennine Jacob (thecoveted) you are Wonder Woman! I love comics so believe me, this might be one of the most valuable compliments I can give a female. The way Jennine started IFB: This culture, that just brings so many of us dying to share what we love together is mind blowing. Christine Topacio (Profreshstyle) was so amazing in helping out as well. We had a nice conversation about L.A and N.Y. It was truly a pleasure meeting you, you rock girl. Thank you American Express for helping to make this possible.

I got to the event a little bit late because.... well I'm just tardy often (shoot me) but I took a few notes on some things I thought were pretty interesting from the panel speakers and I'd like to share with you.

Gala Darling: What I loved about her time on stage went something like this...(these are not exact words just more or less)

Be yourself as much as possible...Don't care about negative comments about your clothing your face or your blog...Blogging is a great tool for what you want to do...Give all of you to your blog... People make money from art, art is a passion, and people want to see what a crazy passionate person is about...Don't pretend to be something you are not, be as honest as you can be..Don't let comments distort what you are trying to do with your blog
Susie Bubble: Susie was very well spoken and was very informative

A little press mention is what started to get my blog noticed... Be true to products you cover, don't just take anything... I learned great things at Dazed Digital... I don't always post about all my projects on my blog because I don't feel they go with the blog content.

Bryan Byan: Bryan was so fun to watch. He was claiming to be nervous but I found him extremely blunt and charming. Here are somethings he shared

I was 10 years old stealing my moms magazines and reading them at school... I started to become a total Asian label whore... I never worked in the fashion industry before, it just interested me...All my dreams have already come true, I feel like i took the fast track... ADDICTED to social media... I can't take vacations, I rest on the planes.
To find out all the panelist who spoke click here.

I'll leave you with some pictures I took of the panelist on stage and some pictures that were taken outside of what I wore to the IFB con today.

I hope you enjoyed and remember.. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, DO WHAT YOU LOVE!

Above: Gala Darling
Above: Bryan Boy
Above: Cupcakes and Cashmere collage
Above: Amy Odell (The Cut)
Above: Rumi Neely and Colin (Fashion Toast)

Wearing Vintage dress, Quipid heels, Limited cropped denim jacket, and my awesome hair experiment =)

Xo Nubia Xo

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