Fashion Night Out: Shop Addicts at Touch Lounge

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Last Night I attended the Fashion Night Out event at Touch Lounge Hosted by Shop Addicts.

Shop Addicts CEO Dee Riviera has had a very interesting career. After being a beauty and Fashion editor for 10 years, she is now editor of The Style Guru. She is also CEO of Shop Addicts Fashion Binge and THEINDIESHOW which produces shows and shopping events in NYC.

At the Show I got to interview the very lovely, multitasking and talented Loren Ridinger. Loren is the founder of Motives an award winning make up line and Loren Jewels. Also, Loren is the CEO of the very successful shopping site Market America. While talking to Loren she gave me very inspirational and uplifting advice. She told me things along the lines of : Cut the chord off of any one who is negative in your life. Negative comments just mean that you are doing something right, so when you see those try harder. Even when my make-up sales were sky rocket high, when my daughter told me my line was great I felt accomplished. She is truly amazing to talk to. When I walked out of interviewing her, I felt like I was glowing and I had chills. Check out her blog Loren's World.

Another very interesting woman you should check out is Christine Garde, executive director of Could You? Making a huge Change with Fashion, Could You? is going to have a fashion week in 2011 where abused and battered women will be able to model. Check their site here.

The event at Shop Addicts was overall a fun event. There were people getting their makeup done, shopping, and enjoying themselves all over the place. I had a nice time watching the differences in Silhouette and Style in general going down the Runway. To find out everyone who participated in the event you can click here.

Some behind the scenes pictures

Christine Garde, Dee Riviera, Loren Ridinger, Sammi Sweetheart from Jersey Shore

The following lables went down the runway: Kahri, Audra & Dalilah, Guru NYC, gla.MAR.ous, Delise Ana, Benjamin Jay, and Lucratif Street.

Enjoy the photos below

I am in Love with this gla.MAR.ous Maxi/Mini Dress above.

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  1. Love the images and the event looked super fun! The girls looked fierce and those boots are killer XD

    Much love,
    Glendy <3

  2. Sounds like a really fun night Nubia!!

  3. it looks like tons of fun- and it makes me long for next week ;)
    adore the headpiece you've got there btw.


  4. Fun events...! Nice done girl! Models and hosts look fabulous in the pics!!!

    Have fun, Lena!

  5. Everyone looked so gorgeus! My favorite outfit is the second to last picture. Very pretty.

  6. What an amazing experience, darling!
    Lovely looks and pics!


  7. lucky! i wish i could've gone to fno, unfortunately my stupid cold meant i had to stay in :(

  8. thanks for your comment darling! im glad you like my dress! i really like your photos, are very inspirations!

  9. @rebecca: Yeah, It was an interesting event

  10. What a fun event! I like that mini dress too and your ring. =D

  11. I think I just commented on the wrong post, haha. I was looking for the comment page below, hahaha. (:

  12. GLAM and CHIC totally the photos and it looks like you had loads of fun my dear!!!!


  13. You seriously attend the coolest events, Nubia; LOVE these pictures!! :)

  14. Lovely, talented Nubia,

    You just get to the best of places. The way you report your sightings makes it feel so delicate. Probably even better than the real treat. It is like coming over and watching a bit of a delicious movie.

  15. The girl with the art school slut tee has amazing hair!! I love the last skirt too, very cool!

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    Cross-Jones-Photography Home
    Daisy Dayz Day Zero Challenge

  16. hihi thanks for your comment sweetheart. hope youre having a good

  17. WOW! What an incredible event full of gorgeous people! I want that maxi dress so badly! You gotta start inviting me to these events! i would love to come xo

  18. I love the khaki dress with the b/w skirt. And how great that you went to the IFB event!

  19. Lucky you!! Looks like FNO was so much fun! Thanks for sharing ur experience with us:)

  20. What a fantastic event! And don't you just love hearing those words of wisdom that you needed to hear right at that moment? It's like a godsent! Glad you had a great time!! Looking forward to reading about your other FW adventures :)

  21. Love love love. Looks so fun! I wish I had Art School girl's hair. Loren's advice is so true, although hard to remember some times.

  22. I wish I could have attended it!

  23. So many gorgeous people and outfits! Wow!

    Embracing Style

  24. Everyone looks so gorgeous!! The second girl's hair is epic! xoxoxoxoo

  25. Luuuuuuuucky!! These photos are fab. xo

  26. nice outfits!
    photos beautiful (:


  27. That looked like it was a hell of an event! The girls are gorgeous and those bags are cute.

  28. Great pics!
    Sounds like you had fun!

  29. I love your look.
    A so pretty girl ;+)


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