Hightlights to lighten your mood up

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Hey guys!

Sorry it took me a bit long to post but I went to Philadelphia to visit a few friends, so I didn't have computer access. Just in case they read this post thanks Mar, Mer and Katie! good times and a nice chill 4th of July. I love America! I had a few drinks, bbq, more drinks, and a rooftop pool.

I got some highlights done a few days ago, yay! I always feel like highlights get me in a chipper,sparkly mood for the summer. Those of you who've been reading my blog for a while know that I use to be a bit more blonde when I started blogging as well.

How was every body's 4th of July!? I'm so curious. I have so much awesome things I want to blog about this week so I'll be back soon!

xoxo Nubia

I use to love Ghost Busters when I was younger. This outfit plays a small homage. Also I've really been into the crop tops lately.
Wearing Ghost Busters tee, Custom made polka dot Vans, Tripp Nyc jeans

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