Covet NYC

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WARNING: This post is more smile heavy then my usual ha ha.

Yesterday my friend Rachel and I went to the grand opening for Covet NYC.

The food at Covet is totally delicious! The spring rolls were to die for and the open bar had me sipping on Whisky and Sprite all night! Yes, I am a whisky girl. The only thing I believe could have used a little improvement was the crowd in my personal opinion or maybe I'm just use to more social people. Thankfully I was able to meet a few lovely people and have some very random, intriguing conversations.

Rachel is a Jewelry Designer. Her line Fennimas is truly exquisite. She has some very detailed statement pieces. I actually wore her line last night and it was so fun! I received so many compliments, especially on the necklace.

It was a really fun night overall. As per usual after every fun night I was so happy to get home and let my head hit the pillow=heavenly!

Wearing gla.MAR.ous zipper headband, Fennimas Jewelry, Alice and Olivia heels, Afaze Top, gifted skirt

I was so horribly in LOVE with the elephant necklace!
Me, The hilarious Carmella and Rachel
Rachel and I above
I really love the print on Carmellas pants they're kick ass.

Any exciting 4th of July plans? Do tell sweets! xoxo

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