Nice to see you again...

by - 6:01 PM

Yesterday I stayed home. I was waiting for my brother to arrive from Japan after living there for quite sometime. It was nice to see him! Even though we haven't had a chance to chit chat much. I don't blame him though, after that flight I wouldn't want to mingle much either.

I shot some of these in my hallway due to what looked like it was going to be rainy weather.

Wearing Vintage Top, H&M skirt, Studio Line boots, gla.MAR.ous "Andrea" headband

In celebration of my brothers safe arrival from Japan, take a look at these awesome garments from Mint Designs. These are from Japan Fashion week S/S 2010. Their head pieces are pretty intriguing. If you have spare time you should take a look.

P.S: I've noticed a few new visitors to my blog, Thank you! New visitors always make me kool-aid smile, Remember to follow me on Blog Lovin and Google Reader on my sidebars xoxo

Have a great day!

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