Hi, it's me.

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Hey Everyone!

First of all, So sorry I haven't posted in the last few days. Isn't it crazy how if you don't post for like 3 days you get the biggest guilt trip over it? ha ha I swear it happens to me all the time. I really love dedicating time to my blog its so addicting! I hate when I can't post.


I'm going to make this post a tad bit brief, but I have some pretty cool posts coming up this week.

I have to say the Candyland Fashion Show Benefit was a colossal success! A huge Congrats to the girls from DBJ for raising so much money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I saw so many funky looks, I'll have a few pictures to share with you soon.


We had the first official gla.MAR.ous photo shoot! It was adorable, amazing, and ummm yeah freaking kick ass! Mary(designer) and I don't know if we could be any happier with the results, we confess to being a bit nervous. We worked with a great team that I will also talk about later this week and I can't wait to see some pictures, our Model was gorgeous.

Here's the outfit I wore to the Candyland Benefit Show.

Wearing Alice and Olivia heels, gla.MAR.ous Dress, gla.MAR.ous Amelia zipper headband

Here's a sneek peek of the gla.MAR.ous photoshoot

Hope you all had a nice weekend, do share.

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