Shake ya Fanny!

by - 4:29 PM

I spent my weekend with George. I hadn't seem him in a while so it was nice. It was full of relaxing, peaceful moments such as eating PAX in Bryant Park or checking out some cool stuff at Toys R Us.

The next few days coming up are going to be pretty eventful. I have a Fashion Show coming up for charity, A photo shoot with a Gorgeous Model for gla.MAR.ous, and also the Red Rover Style event among other affairs. I'm really looking forward to it and I'm feeling energized!

Below you can see me with my favorite men ha ha.

George looking all clean shaved as opposed to his usual ruggedness.
Anyway.... I wanted to share with you one of my new favorite accessories I'm becoming smitten with, FANNYPACKS! Below you can see some interesting ones.

NOW THESE PATRICIA FIELD SEQUINED BEAUTIES IS WHAT I'M LUSTING FOR. You will definitely, without a doubt see me with one of these often during the summer. They are perfect for the summer and would fit most of the important items you have in your bag. Not to mention they are gorgeous and only 26 bucks! You can see them here.

How was everyone's weekend? What accessory are you smitten with? Do share!

Toodles.. xoxo.. Nubia

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  1. Love your new layout!! And I am glad you got some quality time w/ the b/f. And i like these new fannie packs. I am not sure if I will get one yet. But they are so, so convenient!

  2. awesome new banner!
    sooo love it!

    and wow, it's a good thing i haven't gotten rid of my fanny packs yet..i had a thing for them in 2006 and wore them everyday..hehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. Love the Patricia Field fannies! I don't think I wuld wear one though! I also love the light blue lace tights that you're wearing!

    Take care, Lena!

  4. That's so funny. I was just on Pat Field's site a moment ago and was checkin' out the fanny packs!

  5. Thanks guys lol

    Kristin: Great minds think alike ;-)

  6. the fanny pack reminds of wendy williams. lol. she never stopped wearing hers. i don't think i can pull it off, but it's cute! i am currently smitten with any and all loudly obnoxious nail polish colors.

  7. Oh those fanny packs are sick! They remind of the super awesome dance crew from ABDC.

  8. Wow!! Great new layout!! Love the header too!! Sounds like you have amazing events coming up!! xoxoxxoxo

  9. I love your bag! It's so pretty.
    Hmm, I still not sure about fanny packs. I haven't seen them anyhere in England yet either.
    Enjoy all the events!

  10. Nubia these pics are lovely! Isn't it funny how fannypacks are in fashion again? I remember my dad making me wear one whenever I went on school holidays... haha!

  11. Loving the new layout, Nubia!! Looks incredible! I'm not sure if I'm into the fanny pack idea just yet (didn't like them back in the day either), but I wouldn't mind one of your "mens" for myself ;o)

  12. The bettyville bag and shoes are so cute! Love the pictures too!


  13. Looks like you had a fun time!
    Love your blue tights.
    it's superb!

  14. me encanta el nuevo look del blog! es fantástico!
    yo quiero una riñonera...!

  15. Thanks guys I'm glad you all like the layout

  16. Is that a stuffed toy pizza??? Epic. And I must say you look absolutely gorgeous in your pictures

  17. Hello babe!!!! Wow I Love ur new lay out!!! U look amazing here too! xxxx

  18. Hmm I don't know how I feel about fanny paks but I DO LOVE backpacks!


  19. I have the pink Patricia fields sequin fanny pack! I got it three summers ago. I love it, but I never wear it anymore :(


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