Sheila Frank "The Stalker Project" F/W 2010

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I had the pleasure of being invited to the Sheila Frank Fashion show "The Stalker Project" F/W 2010. I had met Sheila once prior to this event and she is just such a humble, down to earth talented individual. I don't know what's more Charming, the designs or the designer.

The Stalker Project is a breath of fresh air in my personal opinion. It is very bold and body conscious. I think almost every woman or young lady would feel comfortable in these well made garments. I love the use of red in this line, it gives it a powerful energy.

I emailed Sheila even though I spoke to her at the show. I ask her where she got the inspiration for the line.

When I began to think about concepts for fall, I realized everywhere I turned I saw celebrities splashed across tabloid magazines, and even all over T.V like E, Entertainment Tonight and Chelsea Lately. To see repeat images of celebrities eating, grocery shopping and walking there dogs, was reminiscent to me of stalking... and extreme exploit on the paparazzi's part. But then who am I to judge when I along with millions of people become engrossed in this smut and our dinner conversations are about what celeb had a dui or had this nip/tuck. When did we get so involved in this smut, and forget about what movie they were in. Know what I mean?

It bothered me so I took interest in the idea of Paparazzi as a Stalker.
Which then could lead to the extreme...

Initially with this idea I called it Death By Paparazzi, which turned into The Stalker Project for the show itself.

Sheila went on to tell me that the color palette of red and white was made to represent blood against flesh, She also added a few other colors for edge.

If you are familiar with Sheila's designs, you will surely remember her pinup bathing suits. She enjoys getting inspiration from the past for her designs.

The design concept was a mix of eras, as I often do. I often watch period films, and sit with my sketch pad. I like to take a look of something from the past and recreate it.
It's almost like you can pick the era. I enjoy comfortable clothing, in odd textiles. I like to use upholstery fabrics b/c they take on amazing shapes. The white wrap dress is out of gauze fabric. The thought behind that was the end of the story, being that the stalker kills the girl and wraps her in this fabric and pins. It's a glamorous shape in an unconventional fabric.

The pictures hung up with bloody clothing pins were an amazing touch. As I walked by them I felt as if I could understand the whole story behind the line without even asking. There was also pictures on the floor with bloody gloves and a camera.

It was a very cordial, delightful event. If you haven't seen Sheila's work go on over and check her out here you'll be glad you did.

Sheila with the models above.

The design above was my favorite.

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