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I attended the IFB Evolving Influence Fashion blog Conference on Monday the 15th. First and foremost I'd like to thank Jennine (the coveted) for bringing so many individuals(300+) together from the Independent Fashion Blogger (IFB) Network. How she created such an incredible community is beyond me.

I attended 2 Panels. Navigating Blog Ethics and The Future of Fashion Blogging.

Navigating Blog Ethics included guest speakers:

Imran Amed: The business of Fashion, Clark Hoyt: The New York Times, Diane Pernet: A shaded view of Fashion, Gina Garrubbo: BlogHer, Mary Scherpre: Stil in Berlin, Jessica Schroeder: What I Wore, and the lovely Wendy Brandes as the Moderator

This panel was extremely intriguing and can be viewed in so many different perspectives that its hard to know who's right or if a right answer even exist. For the most part I think blogger ethics are still evolving and I believe most of the individuals on the panel agreed. We don't have a big power house behind us like magazines and newspapers but at the same time that makes us more authentic and sometimes that's what people want to read. People want to criticize blogger ethics because some of us receive free gifts from companies to write reviews, but if you reach out to me and ask me to write something I DO need the product right? I can't just let you pay me to say great things, I need to try it out and tell my readers the honest truth (of course without bashing anyone). I don't think all bloggers should be criticized for receiving gifts but that doesn't mean I don't think shady bloggers exist.

I don't believe it should be a question of Bloggers vs Editors and what side are you on in this war!? I don't think magazines should be threatened because they aren't going anywhere anytime soon.
The Future of Blogging included guest speakers:

Susie Lau: Style Bubble, Tavi Gevinson: Style Rookie, Bryan Boy: Bryan Boy, Phil Oh: Street Peeper, Britt Aboutaleb and Lauren Sherman: Fashionista, Jennine Jacob: IFB/The Coveted Moderator

This was also another enchanting panel. Some people call these bloggers overnight successes but I don't agree and I don't think they do either (they have had there blogs for 2 or more years). I remember Susie Bubble saying she doesn't understand what clicked in peoples minds and why are they just realizing now that bloggers have a voice. Tavi from Style Rookie was so graceful and adorable. Tavi got so much attention this year she was even mentioned on Family Guy. She says she blogs when she feels she has something to say not just to fill up space. Bryan and Phil were very funny and charming and Britt and Lauren Had a lot of good input. The bloggers agreed that when you get comments which are simply ridiculous such as "I hate you I hope you get hit by a car" you have to ignore them because its all in the game.

(I loved Bryan boy's shades, Tavi's headband, and Susie's knee highs)

The most Important question they got asked is: What's in the future of blogging? They replied in their own words: Blogging is not going anywhere, its here to stay. That's like asking what's in the future of Cinema? No one really knows and that's why it's fun.

This was a very informative conference and I'm sure anyone who was there or saw it online would agree. I didn't dress up as much as I did last time because I didn't attend the after party due to a prior engagement but I still had such a good time!
Wearing Forever 21 skirt, Bev Boutique Boots, Strawberry blazer

I was invited to Stella Zotis(Project Runway) and Alisha Trimble runway shows. I might be covering these events so check back in later this week.


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