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* First and foremost if some of you may notice I added comment approval to my blog. My blog is meant to be a page/journal of positive energy, self expression and inspiration to others, in the same way that so many of you inspire me. I DO NOT think its fair for my readers to have to tolerate bullshit (excuse my french) and negative vibes from bored individuals trying to insult me through comments. I hope your all fine with that Thanks! Xo Nubia Xo

On a Brighter Note...

Hello to you all! I very much wish the New Year has hit everyone the right way. For some of you that may not know I was born in N.Y.C to a Colombian mother and Dominican father. I love them both in ways I cannot describe and feel blessed.

My father lives in Dominican Republic (he use to live with me in NYC for 18 years) and I am here visiting him till the last week in this month. I like to tell him he is a tortured artist. I probably get some of my creativity from him. He decided to turn my home here into some sort of museum. Almost every wall of this house is a huge potrait painted by a man he hires, I will try to get his name. They are truly amazing and breath taking! My father designed my whole house and its beyong gorgeous.

I will be posting as much as I can while I'm here so I hope you enjoy =)


Wearing vintage blazer passed down by my mother to me, H&M harem pants, Charlotte Russe Neon Heels.
The sunflowers I love in the front porch.
It may look a little dim but the hallway through those windows are all painted with landscapes. If you look closely you can see two fishermen.

This picture is in the kitchen.
This picture is upstairs and its actually the George Washington Bridge.
I love the colors of this vintage blazer so vibrant.
The Statue Of Liberty in the back.
He didnt want to take off the Christmas Decorations until I visited. He's adorable.
Sneak peak into my Room.
I will slowly keep showing more paintings. Also...WHO ELSE IS EXCITED FOR FEB FASHION WEEK!?!?

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  1. that is such a beautiful print!

  2. I love your outfit! I can not wait for Fashion Week ironically my birthday is on the day NYFW starts so I'm so excited!

  3. you look stunning! love the way you look with your hair up!


  4. Ohmigosh Nubia, you look so glamorous! Don't allow anyone to get you down; we all adore you! Hope you're having the time of your life!! :)

  5. that blazer is gorgeous on you! your face is stunning! have fun w/ your dad.

  6. Cute outfit, and the murals are beautiful. =)

    P.S Thanks for your sweet comment! Objects are replaceable but people are not. So true.

  7. Gorgeous blazer! And omg, your father's house looks incredible! I love the paintings, they add so much color and fun! I'd love to have a house that looks like that some day :)


  8. Wow, I would love to take a nosy through that house! Amazing.
    Love your shoes too!

  9. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! this is the first time i visit ur page n awwwwww i love it! Ur dads house is... amazing!!! all those paintings! <3
    I have a page... ill show u later... lol b safe n dont let any 'eww ugly bitch's' jealosy bother... u know what' lol never mind... lets just ignore the ignorants.
    Carlitos ;)

  10. You're father is unbelievingly talented. I'm so excited to see what else his house has been decorated. I can't believe Feb. is so close!

  11. Hy! How amazing pictures! I'd like to have something like this in my house (but for the moment I live with my in laws, so not....)

    Great blazer also!

    Thanks for visiting my page!

    Have a nice day!


  12. Nubia you look so great ! Love the blazer and shoes ! Ohh how I love purple x) Seems you had so much fun there !

  13. Wow! His house looks amazing! Hope you have a lovely time while you're there :)

  14. Oh no about the negative comments!! I bet you they were out of jealousy!!

    But I'm loving all the paintings around the house! Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  15. You look so pretty.... Seems like the vibes over there are having an impact on your looks - fun! It was interesting to read about your origins. What a sweet cocktail!

    Be encouraged - your blog does bring a lot of positivity into my life. Do not be affected by any negative things, dear Nubia!

  16. Hi, gorgeous!
    Love your look, especially those lovely shoes!


  17. f**k yeah, it's your blog so moderate away, sucks that there is negativity being thrown around. It just proves how awesome you are.

  18. Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the love. I just really want you all to leave my blog with a positive state of mind.

    I'm glad you like the house my Dad will love all your comments lol

    Wish you all a great day Xo Nubia Xo

  19. hi sweetie!
    huh, sorry to hear that you got nasty
    comments. i myself i had received bad comments/
    emails criticizing me, huh. not only that, there was another
    blogger who made a bad post about me and used my photos
    and mr. freddy without my permission. taking revenge against her,
    i reported her to blogger.com. i'm glad blogger customer service
    deleted her blog.

    don't give up sweetie, i love your blog!

  20. i love your blazer :)
    the pattern is lovely

  21. Nubia,

    You look amazing! And, it comes across on your blog that you are a very beautiful person. Don't let anyone get you down. Your followers are all here to support.

    All the best!

  22. i'm in love with your top & shoes!

  23. I looooove the paintings and your blazer is beautiful! :)

  24. These are such cool pictures! I love the first two espesh.. What a awesome outfit!
    Oh, and thank you for you comment, it made me smile :-)
    Panda xx

  25. wow, awesome!
    Hope you have a great holiday!

  26. this look is so pretty on you! it looks like you are having a blast in the DR. and who wouldn't? how i'd rather be there right now instead of the 20 degree NYC weather. BLAH!

  27. thanks for your comment.

    We are really excited about the blog and the comments!
    thanks again and sorry for the spelling errors

  28. Whenever I've taken comment moderation down, I get hit by spam within seconds.

  29. thank you all for the support and I'm glad you like the painting I'm still pretty amazed myself!

    Wendy: I know it sucks!! no need to tolerate it ;-)

  30. wow.
    love this outfit!
    the purple shoes and top together look amazing.
    Very stylish!!

  31. Nubia, you look so happy and beautiful! Your blazer and setting are so vibrant had a double look at each image! xoxo Jolie

  32. My goodness...YOu look absolutely fab!!!

  33. Omg i love your makeup in these photos. you are so pretty. The print on your blazer in too cute, too! I am terribly sorry to hear that people were being rude to you on your blog. Ugh that is SO not cool!

  34. i am so in love with your blazer and how it goes perfectly with your shoes!!! :) and your dad's walls are amazing. i love the idea of having someone come in and just create a work of art on your walls.

  35. DR!!!! I went there years ago with a gf - had the best time ever.

    What is the name of that club - guyacara taina? LOL!!

    Miss you lil' sis - when do you get back...?

  36. I don't know what is more beautiful, you or the paintings. Either way, well done!

  37. ugh people disgust me soemtimes .. isupport your decision .. i get so amused but slightly bewildered every time i get a rude comment .

    wow didnt know you were both colombian and dominican .. very exotic mix ... love your shoes by the way

  38. So much to say! First off, love the blazer- the colors are divine and you look soo pretty! I also am super jealous of the murals- they are breath-taking. I love how they are different so you feel like you are somewhere else when looking at each of them. I also love the long pearl strands and how they are hanging on the tree. And lastly, love the drapes in your room!! xo, mel

  39. Thanks guys!

    MidtownGirl: I get back sometime the last week of the month

    Sooali: thanks doll

    Damsels: I couldnt agree more. I can't stand negativity I always wish everyone the best. I seriously dont know how some people look at themselves

    Wreckedstellar: Thank you. The blazer is one of my favorites =)

  40. amazing pattern. so feminine. I love it.

  41. yess I totally agree with you :)

    and love the shorts and shoes!!



  42. Nice to see ur having so much fun babe!! So luv ur outfit!! xx

  43. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment on mg blog!Love your blog! Visit again when you have time.

    xo - TiffanysSmallWorld.blogspot.com

  44. I think it's so unfortunate that so many people, usually anonymous, feel the need to be nasty. Love those shoes!

  45. it's so beautifull!
    i'm following you!

  46. Nubia!!

    I'm soooo happy to be reading your blog again,work has been killing me for now:(

    Wow,your dad is sooo talented. I surely see you have some genes from him for sure. gorgeous top you wore and I love your pants as well!


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