Sometimes You Have To Make A Choice

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This past Saturday I went to see Twilight: New Moon with my boyfriend. We went to eat at Applebees first because its right next to the theatre (their Jamaican Freeze drink is delish!) and then we went to the movies about 45 minutes early to wait for New Moon.

Wearing: Sweater gift from Grandmother, Bubble Skirt: Papaya, Leggings Forever 21, Boots: Bucco Italy, Scarf: H&M
The big question everyone has been asking about this movie is: TEAM JACOB OR TEAM EDWARD?


I read all the books before the first movie came out in less then one week! If you have seen how long each of these books are (at least 500 to 600 pages each, if not more) you can see the dedication I had with finishing the series. I love all these books which of course are way better then the movies, BUT I still enjoy the movie.. I HAVE to be team Edward!

Sorry to any "JACOB" people reading this but, if you read all the books you can see the connection between Bella and Edward is inevitable and almost like a magnetic force. The writing and description of their love is gorgeous. If you haven't read the books you really should they are enticing.

Did you see the movie? read the books? what are your thoughts?

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  1. I absolutely adore your boots, even if this post is about a franchise that I can't stand.

  2. oh, my girl friends and i watched it already. Feel like teenage girls again.

    btw i love love your boots.

    I Am Denise Katipunera

  3. Love your outfit! The soft greys are lovely.

    I haven't jumped on the twilight band wagon yet.

  4. Love your red lips, so pretty!

    You already know how I feel about Twilight. I am less interested in the story and more interested in what makes people love it so much

  5. I barely know anything about the Twilight saga. I really want to see this movie, just for kicks. Who knows maybe I'll like it.

  6. Still haven't seen New Moon.. I'm excited to see it as it looks a lot more interesting than the first!
    You look so wram and cute in these shots!

  7. I've never read the books and only seen Twilight but I hear about everything from my sister who are obsessed with it. I think I'm leaning towards team Edward (Jacob is too perfect for me haha!)
    I love your outfit! You look really amazing in it. The boots are great, very Karla :)

  8. On the first one and definitely Edward! x

  9. Def Edward!! Love your sweater, seems cozy:)

  10. I absolutely love your style here; and your makeup truly enhances it - the red lips are gorgeous!

    I have read half of the first Twilight book, but have never seen either of the films. Honestly, I think that I'm Team Edward. I agree with you; even from the little that I read, the chemistry between Edward and Bella is just amazing. They have to be together! :)

  11. no comment on the twilight thing. . since i have never read the books or seen the movie .. jsut that edwrd seens to be better looking but the other guy is more my style .. so put me on his team

    i lived near elmhurst way back when.. when i first moved to ny

  12. I'm so team edward too.
    I read all the book too. Of course the book are much better, but the movies are good too. they're very good adapted.
    thanks for your comment!

  13. i love it darling!
    so awesome, thanks for sharing
    and thanks for the sweet comments

    check out my blog @

  14. I love your outfit. And that shade of lipstick is gorgeous on you. :) Lucky you seeing that movie with your boyfriend! My guy would NEVER go to see that with me. Haha. I have yet to see the film for that reason, but I'm hoping to go with a friend some time next weekend. :) I loved the first film, so I have high hopes that this one will be just as good!

  15. Ooo, reading all the books in such a short time really is dedication, lol. I loved Twilight, so can't wait to watch New Moon noow...

  16. Hey everyone, Thanks so the compliments and yes the sweater is cozy lol..

    I'm a bigger fan of the books then I am of the movies but New Moon is way better then Twilight in my opinion..

    Jennifer Fabulous: Lmao omg that sucks, its ok though I had to make it sounds like it would be amazing to my BF for him to come.. he isnt a fan of all the hype its been getting either

  17. I love your outfit. You look so great!

  18. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Where did your grandmother get that sweater, I am in love with gray lately!?
    xoxo Jolie

  19. I love that scarf - one of my fav colors!! And that sweater is has just the perfect coziness factor ;-)

    XOXO darling

  20. love your funky look! that sweater is to die for --- its bright, oversized and i love the fact that you paired it with patterned tights.

    love your blog and would love to be on your blogroll :)


  21. thanks for the comment at my blog :)
    you're really sweet :)

    great look ! love that sweater with the pants . and killer hiking like boots too !

    i havent read or watched new moon yet . im not a reading person :( i tend to skip alot of the pages when im reading . haha .

    new moon is sooo fully packed over here . im just gonna wait until the theaters empty out a bit . :)

    hope you have a great week ahead !

  22. I haven't seen the movie yet, ahh I know I'm awful! But as of right now, I'm team Edward. However, this movie may change things...


  23. I love this movie!!! I can't decide which of the guys I like the most!!
    Love them both :)

    Thanks for the sweet comment :)
    ❉ ✿ ✿ ❉

  24. Lovely look, darling, especially the neckwear!


  25. great outfit!

    im team edward, but i must say jacob looked very attractive in new moon :)


  26. team edward... all though jacob almost had me towards the end.

    thanks for the comment

    i love the sweater in the last post

    Vi from Cali

  27. I saw the first movie and read all the books!I'm gonna see New Moon this friday:x
    I think I'm team Edward too:)

    btw:lOVE your outfit!

  28. umm I've seen new mooon twice already, i'm such a nerd. once with the BFF and once with my BF. I am team edward all the way. I agree, after reading all the books it's edward for sure. AND jacob is sooo annoying in eclipse and breaking dawn.

    but most of all I'm team robert pattinson becoming my boyfriend. just saying. hahaha

    x Niki

  29. I think I'm the only person who hasn't seen this yet! I'm going to have to go on my own if no one will come with me. TEAM EDWARD definately! Haha :) x

  30. definately, you can't read the books and NOT be a team Edward person.

  31. Hey guys! =)

    I respect everyone whos team Jacob lol BUT I agree with Molly Rose, I think most people who read the books are team edward haha Jacob starts getting on my nerves also Niki

    Alsooo Thanks for the outfit comments xoxo

  32. Ah! I just tried to comment but I don't think it worked. Just want to say I love your sweater and how you paired everything with the brown boots. Also, I don't care much for Twilight, but Robert Pattinson is hottttttttttt! lol.. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  33. Your hair looks gorgeous hon! And I love your sweater!
    I've yet to see the movie - but no doubt I will :)
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Nubia! xx

  34. I haven't seen the movie, but I probably will soon! You look super gorgeous in these photos. I love how you do your makeup and your lips. So pretty!


  35. love the sweater and boots! great blog <3

    thanks for stopping by :)

  36. both are hot but Edward is rich and has a car. So I pick EDWARD! As shallow as that sounds but if you're going to live eternally (which vampires offer you, werewolves just get angry and slash your face) you might as well live comfortably too right?! lol!

    btw I loveee your tutu! too cute!

  37. that is such an great look- i love it. the pics are fab too take care xx ediot

  38. You look amazing, perfect outfit and make-up!

    Thank you so much for stopping by!

  39. love your boots. saw the movie and i have to say that i am completely team jacob rite now. When I was reading the books I was team edward but now Im team jacob.

    And thanks for visiting my blog :)

  40. love the outfit!

    not a big fan of twilight lol so i'm not on either team

  41. i'm loving your boots, although i'm completely clueless about the whole twilight phenomenon haha

  42. girl - your outfit is great!! i haven't seen new moon yet. but from reading the books.... team jacob! haha. i dunno. i think i just hate the cheesiness w/ edward.

  43. Luv ur outfit here hun!!! Im dying to see the movie : ) Hvae a lovely weekend : ) xx

  44. Oh dear, I really need to watch Twilight to keep up with the people of today. < insert insightful comment about, er, 'Jacob' or 'Edward' >. I DO know however, that your boots are completely delicious, lovely look :)

    Edward is tres gorgeous, and guess what, he used to go to my school!!!! . This outfit is deffo one of my favorites, btw. I LOVE LOVE IT =) Oh and thanks so much for your lovely comment, i really appreciate it!

    Panda xx

  46. As usual, I love your outfit. Sober and stylish.

  47. Beautiful outfit darling!
    You looks gorgeous with the red lips!
    have a great weekend ;)

  48. red lips totally suit you!


  49. lovely outfit and definitely team Edward!!!

  50. I've read three of the books and haven't seen 'New Moon' yet, but yeah... I love my Edward too.♥ Nerd alert here, but have you read the short script from his perspective that was posted on the writers blog? It's so good too. *HERE*

    Also, lovely outfit and the subway sign makes me miss ny. Must visit again soon!

  51. Adore adore the greys here and your necklace I really love it !! Gorgeous booties tooo<3 <3

    Ohhhh I've still not watch New Moon. I have have to watch it so soon. Never read the books before but I will always stay with Team Edward. Bella and Edward's love is indeed so strong.

    Ahhh,I'm excited to watch it now<3

  52. I pretty much detest the Twilight saga but adore Jacob. He's hot, funny and entertaining unlike Edward who is lame, depressing and boring, just like Bella.
    The books are terrible except for the werewolves and Alice and Emmett, I suppose.
    The movies are equally bad except for Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene. Rob Patz and Kristin Stewart esp, is a despicable actress.

    Sorry if I pissed any hardass Twilight fans out there, but the truth's gotta be told.

    Lovelovelove, A*

  53. love the sweater and the necklaces. i didn't see either of the movies, but i read the first book. it was ok, but i don't think it was worth all of the hype.

  54. i liked reading the 4 books more than the movies.

  55. Love your outfit! And your make up is stunning. I did see New Moon - liked the first one better (Twilight) (-:

  56. Haven't partaken in any of the Twilight craze yet, but you look fabulous!

  57. cool marketing! i strongly dislike companies that don't respond to tweets with questions- bad move on their part! xo, Mel


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