Bubble Tea

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I hope everyone's off to a great start to their weekend!

I felt like making a quick run for Bubble Tea which I love and I was trying to figure out what to wear. One thing I love about Fall/Winter is wearing over sized sweaters with stockings or leggings. I'm sure a few of you share my passion =)

I love this sweater which is probably like 20 years old, my mother passed it down to me. The mix of colors is so funky and you can definitely play around with different ways of wearing it. Being that I was in a rush to get out of my house I wore it with all black basically and added some red laces to one of my boots as an extra touch. My hair was my next issue and I decided to do a side braid, they're such a cute hair style.

Sweater: Vintage, Boots: DP collection, Clutch: Afaze, Stockings:Strawberry
My makeup is really simple here. White along the inside and inner corner of my eye and a light pink on the ends of my eyes, black eye liner on the bottom of eyes and a little on the top edges. I used Maybelline lip gloss which I've been pretty smitten with lately, I couldn't seem to find the name of the color unfortunately.

Lastly I will be updating my blog role within the next few days, If you would like to be included just let me know on a comment.

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xO Nubia xO

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