Kawaii! Japanese Fashion Clock?

by - 11:42 PM

One of my Brothers put me on to this awesome Japanese website bijin-tokei which means something along the lines of beautiful person clock or beautiful person time.

I was on the site for a while and saw that for almost every 3 minutes there is a different girl holding a sign with the time. Not only does he take their picture but he also ask for there: birth date, home city, blood type, height, occupation and favorite website.

I'm not sure what the purpose of the site is because I cannot read Japanese (so hey if anyone can read it enlighten me please) but I personally think it's intriguing because every 3 minutes I get to see a different outfit almost like a Street Style blog. On top of all of the coolness already included on this site they offer an App for the I phone so you can use it as a clock.

Make sure to check them out,I took a few page snap shots to show some examples:

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