Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

by - 12:09 AM

I went out with my girlfriends recently to dance and have a good time. I came to realize the most important things to me are being happy with the people around me and being able to express my art which I do through blogging and various other ways.

There is a boutique near my home named Beverly Boutique where I purchased this lovely half sequin one sided dress with a strong puffed shoulder. I wish I had a better pictures but you will be able to see enough detail.

Do what you love. I hope every ones been having a great start to there week.

XoXo Nubia XoxO

Wearing Beverly Boutique dress and Alice and Olivia shoes

Check out this cool song From the New Moon Soundtrack "Friends" by Band Of Skulls

I need love
Cause only love is true
I need every waking out with you
Yeah my friends cause they're so beautiful
Yeah my friends they are so beautiful
Yeah my friends

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