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I'd like to start out this post by giving you all a quick snap shot of my hair and a kiss to all my readers! I really hope you like it. Recently i asked a lot of you for your advice and my main response was to go darker so I did. I'm extremely pleased with it.

My brother worked in the Big Apple Comic Con for a few days and he brought me back a copy of "Wizards Michael Turner Tribute Edition". I always liked comics growing up, with two older brothers it's easy to get into things like comics and wrestling ha ha.

Michael Turner was a incredible artist who unfortunitly passed away in 2008. He was mostly known for Fathom, Superman, Batman, Witchblade, and various covers for DC and Marvel Comics. I took some pictures of the book to share some of his artwork with you.

If you want to see a cool post about comic books and fashion go visit the totally awesome Glendy's blog Style Amor to see great outfits she came up with.

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