Bows and Shows

by - 10:56 PM

Last Night I went to Fashion Astoria Style #2 which was a great runway show Presented by the stores KrisTees and Candy Plum. It was my first time attending this event, this is there second show. I was very impressed and delighted with the outcome. I will have more details for you this upcoming week because I took pictures and I'm just trying to make sure I give everyone credit.

When I was getting ready I decided I wanted something to make a statement but at the same time show some simplicity as strange as that sounds. I chose to wear all black and I'm giving you a sneak peak of a gla.MAR.ous holiday headband which was my statement piece. Since working for gla.MAR.ous I have the perks of wearing a lot of the merchandise and share with you. Clothing will be on online store soon, I'll keep you posted.

Sipping on wine and enjoying a runway is always a good start to your weekend



OO and P.S for those of you who asked about my back tattoo on my last post its actually a Dragon. I was born year of the dragon and I'm pretty infatuated with animals or creatures I find fierce and sexy. I plan to get more tattoos, I have 4 right now I'll try to post them sometime soon.

Wearing: Wet Seal Cardigan, Alice and Olivia for Payless shoes, Joyce Leslie leggings, gla.MAR.ous holiday headband, gla.MAR.ous tunic .

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