Fashion Night Out Adventure

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This past Thursday for Fashion Night Out was pretty crazy. I spent the day with Mary from gla.MAR.ous . We had a nice lunch at Gingers which is a great little Chinese restaurant on 7th avenue. I would recommend it they have great lunch specials and a decent happy hour. After lunch we went to a small park by 14th and 8th and spoke a little about work and our personal lives which is always fun and filled with laughs.

I'm wearing : H&M blazer, Topshop t-shirt, Lace stockings from Forever 21, American Apparel leather skirt, Boots from Beverly Boutique with DIY stud belt

Marys wearing: L.A.M.B hoodie, Shoes from a Boutique in Queens, Zana di Jeans

I was thinking about how this is always such a adventure filled week in NYC. Even if you don't have tickets for shows its always great and exciting to go around the tents and see all the models and the great street fashion. I remember in past events there even use to be vans a few blocks away giving free manicures and goodie bags etc. There are a lot of things you might find necessary to carry around. I think my most important items for a week that requires so much walking are..

A reliable pair of heels/boots. By reliable I mean make sure you can stand in them for at least 10 hours with out crying.

A fashionable/embellished pair of flats. I don't want my feet to end hating me. We all love to look gorgeous and glam in our heels but there is a point when enough is enough and you better make sure you have Epsom salt at home to drench your puppies!

Lastly Coffee. I find that Starbucks are becoming harder and harder to find. When I use to work on 39th and Broadway they were everywhere, I suppose in certain areas not so much.

** and also P.S I don't go anywhere without my blackberry and camera so that's a must for me everywhere.

I ended up going to barneys for FNO. It was pretty nice, complimentary champagne, appetizers flowing all over the place as there was everywhere. I snapped action shots, Enjoy!

One of the first things I saw when I walked in was the Wool + The Gang. This is where I saw such a diverse group sitting on couches and learning to knit. People were making squares for a giant blanket that's going to be auctioned to benefit the National September 11th Memorial/Museum

On the 6th floor I met the Lovely Maria Cornejo. She was extremely nice, such a sweet heart. While I was talking to her I told her I blog on my spare time and she asked for my card mentioning her daughter likes keeping up with fashion blogs. If your not familiar with her line you can click here. Definitely worth looking at! I was very in love with a jumpsuit displayed on a mannequin from her line.

On the 7th floor I was able to snap this picture of model Coco Rocha getting interviewed. You got to make your very own flip book and make videos with her. Shes a beauty.

Here you see Loomstate artist hand painting Fashion Night Out T-shirts which I thought was pretty awesome.

Isabel + Ruben were present on the 2nd floor signing copies of "Isabel Toledo: Fashion from the Inside Out"

I was honestly taken by what a sweetheart Alexander Wang was on the 7th floor! I am such a fan of his work and he was just stopping for everyone it was so adorable.

Manolo Blahnik was on the 4th floor signing shoes and T-shirts as well as greeting people.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen showed up at 9 p.m on the Men's third floor for "The Row" but it was insanely packed I didn't really get to see them. On the bright side while I was leaving the Olsen twins Madness I bumped into the gorgeous Amy from Midtown Girl. I heard the Olsen's were easier to see at Bergdorf Goodman earlier, I wish I would have gone! There are so talented.

There was a lot more going on which you could check out here. Hope you enjoyed my coverage.


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