Foodie Fridays: Las Catrinas NYC.

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A Mexican Bar & Eatery In New York That Makes You Feel Like You're On A Little Getaway. 

Sometimes it's hard to find a place that you love to go eat so when you do, you must cherish it. My Fiance took me to 'Las Catrinas'  in Astoria, Queens, about two months ago and I've been back at least 4 times since. The Mexican food inspired by Tulum style street food & authentic Mexican cuisine is amazingly fresh and delicious. The drinks are to die for! Probably one of my favorite spots for unique, strong drinks in Queens. They don't hold back. 

The price point is also more than fair with entrees ranging from $9-$18. There is a very cool, laid-back ambiance at their location which will make anyone feel at ease & relaxed. Each person employed there that I've come across has been very friendly, personable, and provides quick service. 

Las Catrinas also participates in the ever-so-popular trend of  'Taco Tuesday' and you won't catch me complaining about it. It's a great place to take a date and convenient to get to. This trendy spot is located about 15 minutes away from Midtown, Manhattan. You'll be happy you took the trip. 

They're open until 2am on Friday & Saturdays if you're looking for a late night spot. Get excited and check out their menu HERE

(Picture above is the 'Milanesa' entree.)

My Recommendations If You Visit
  1. You can't go wrong with any taco you order.
  2. My absolute favorite dish so far is the 'Milanesa' which is breaded beef or breaded chicken, homemade chipotle, papalo, quesillo, avocado, white onion. I get the breaded beef and it's always crispy outside and nice and tender inside. Cooked to perfection. 
  3. To drink: I always stick to the 'Mango Margarita' or the 'Jalapeño Strawberry Margarita'. They are refreshing and strong. 

(Jalapeño Strawberry & Mango Margaritas.)

Here's a bit more information about the background of Las Catrinas' food via their website: 

"When designing "Las Catrinas" the idea in mind was that of bringing the exact feel of Tulum, Mexico to NYC. The name stems from La Calavera Catrina ("Elegant Skull"), which was etched by famous Mexican printmaker, Jose Guadalupe Posada. The image depicts a female skeleton dressed in a hat stylized after the upper class outfit of a European from her time of 1910-1913. She has become an icon of the Mexican Dia de Muertos, also known in Mexican American culture as "Day of the Dead."

Tulum, Mexico is known for their tranquil and earthy relaxed vibe. It is a town located along the Caribbean coast of the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Many people, especially Europeans, travel to Tulum because it's the perfect blend of Mexican culture, food made of raw local ingredients, serene beach settings and wonderful nature preserves.

Being able to have that go-to place to visit after work, on the weekends or any time of the day is essential to any lifestyle. We'd like to call ourselves an "Eatery Staycation," a place where you can feel like you're away from all the hustle and bustle.

Mexican native - Chef Leopoldo Tapia, will be serving up delicious dishes ranging from Tulum style street food to authentic Mexican recipes found in his family's cookbook. Chef Tapia, or as we like to call him, "El Jefe" which means The Boss, believes in using only the freshest ingredients and makes everything in house, including the tortillas and chips."

Last 2 photos via their Instagram HERE

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