Food Tasting - Nona Lim Noodle Bowl - Green Curry.

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Who Doesn't Love A Bowl Of Noodles?!

Growing up I often ate Ramen Noodles. I still do sometimes to be honest. But as you grow, you want to be healthier and more responsible towards your body. That's when these Nona Lim Noodle Bowls come into play. Throughout this post, I will gush about why I love these bowls and even try one on a video for you to see!

Here are my favorite healthy features of Nona Lim Noodle Bowls: 
-They use Gluten Free Laska Noodle.
-You Can Enjoy Bone Broth or VEGAN Curry. 
-They're Non-GMO Verified.
-They're Dairy-Free. 

In just 5 minutes, you'll have a fresh and healthy noodle bowl, ready to eat. It's the healthiest and freshest version of a cup noodle you can find.

Did I mention they're also delicious? I kid you not! So good, in fact, they barely feel like an instant meal. They are rich in flavor and utterly satisfying. It's the perfect quick snack for anyone that's on the go. 

My favorites in order are The Green Curry Noodle Bowl, Thai Coconut Lime, and Chicken Pho. The Thai Coconut Lime was almost my favorite... it's so hard to decide Y'all! 

Below in this video, watch me make and enjoy the Nona Lim Green Curry Bowl. It has Laksa Rice Noodle and It's full of vegetables including bell peppers, carrots, eggplant, cauliflower, accented with lemongrass, ginger, and shallots.

Learn more about the Nona Lim Noodle Bowls and their other delicious products HERE. They're selling them in packs of 6 for now but, they will be available in at a store near you very soon. 

I'm hoping to bump into them at The Specialty Fancy Food Show this year! 


Xo Nubia Xo 

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