13 Reasons Why Season 2 Trailer, Date Announcement & Clues!

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I Was SO Moved When '13 Reasons Why' First Premiered On Netflix. 

I previously knew about the '13 Reasons Why' novel written in 2007 by Jay Asher and then, I heard Selena Gomez was involved with turning it into a show for Netflix. I am so excited Season 2 has a premiere date. 

'13 Reasons Why' deals with a lot of difficult topics involving friendships, secrets, betrayal, bullying, rape, and more. It's a very intense show but, you have to respect that it's also VERY real. This show made me very sad but I very much respected its presence in the world.

The season 2 trailer seems to give a few clues through some polaroid photos as to what we should expect. The tapes were just the beginning! Entertainment Weekly has an interesting post about some clues you can check out HERE

If you haven't watched '13 Reasons Why' it's a great time to binge now before season 2 which premieres May 18th. I must warn you, it's a difficult show to watch but you will probably find yourself relating to it in so many ways... at least most people I know do. 


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