Top 6 Geeky Mother's Day Gifts!

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Because Mom Deserves The Best!

Mother's Day is just around the corner. We should all be celebrating our Mother's every day, however, it's nice that they have a day dedicated just to them. Think Geek has such a fun and unique Mother's Day selection right now. It's perfect for comicbook and movie lovers. I don't believe your mom needs to necessarily be a 'geek' to enjoy these gifts, but it's definitely a plus. Either way, giving her something that reminds her of you will probably be a gift all on its own. 

Below are my top 6 favorite Mother's Day gifts from Think Geek.

Wonder Woman Spa Set

Some day's moms can get so busy! They have an endless job and are truly Wonder Women. This Wonder Woman spa set will make your mother feel like a queen. The bag includes a robe, slippers, satin eye mask, and toe separators. Help mom 
relax and feel totally pampered with a girls night in

It's a tale as old as time. I think everyone on this planet loves Disney's "Beauty And The Beast". This purse is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for any age. The rose is a gorgeous touch. This purses size is perfect for holding books!

Star Wars I Love You / I Know Stemless Flute Glasses
These glasses are so pretty and romantic. A classic quote from Star Wars between Princess Leia and Han Solo. Also a great conversation piece in any home. I'm sure mom would love to cheers and have a drink with these. 

Mixology Cocktail Shaker

A fancy cocktail shaker with a built-in cheat sheet will start any party. Make some nice cocktails for you and mom while you enjoy some popcorn and a movie. Cheers! 

Get your mother inspired while giving her something powerful to place on her bookshelf. 'The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen' contains ninety years of powerful ladies and classic artwork. Because this world is full of strong leading women. 

Inspired by retro gaming, this watch is absolutely adorable and might make your mom think of simpler times when the very first Nintendo was the bomb... I still think it is. It's very pretty and a sure conversation starter. 

Happy shopping everyone. Go make mom feel like the queen she is. 


Xo Nubia Xo 

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