American Gods Comicbook Review And Starz Trailer Thoughts.

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New Reading Material... 

I went to my local comicbook store Alternate Reality Comics the other day and asked the owner to recommend some good comicbooks. He's pretty cool so of course he was delighted to do so. One of the comicbooks he pointed out was American Gods published by Dark Horse comics based on the Award Winning Novel written by Neil Gaiman. I've heard of Neil Gaiman before because of his novel Coraline which later became a 3D stop motion film but I haven't read or heard much about American Gods. The comicbook was written by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell with art by Scott Hampton.

The novel as well as the comic book revolve around Shadow Moon who was in prison and got released a bit early due to a tragedy in his life. On his way home, he bumps into a guy who changes his life. The story is mythical and well... has to do with Gods. 

Watch me talk about the comicbook and the story in the first issue which doesn't real much yet but I know a little bit more because of the trailer. Also hear my first impressions on the Starz trailer. 

American Gods is also about to become a show on STARZ developed by Bryan Fuller and Michael Green. I saw the trailer and it looks super interesting. The first eight episodes are set to premiere on April 30, 2017. Watch it below. 

I highly recommend you pick up the comicbook and check out the show too. I'm excited to watch! The second issue of the comicbook drops April 12th so keep an eye out for it. 


Xo Nubia Xo

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