OMGosh! Pretty Ombre Nails With Sally Hansen.

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Hey Nubians, 

Do you love DIY nails? I know I do! I also enjoy fun, fashionable trends. 

Take a look at this super cute manicure trend you can successfully do in your own home, the Manicure Ombre Trend! Sally Hansen Global Color Ambassador Madeline Poole takes the latest fashion trends from the runway, to your nails. This month, her recommendation is Ombre. Perfect for the Spring/Summer Season because it's so much fun to play with bright and bold colors. Lately I haven't been doing my nails because I've been painting and creating cool art but I think I'll have to try out the Ombre trend ASAP!

Nails Inspired By Hair And Fashion

Madeline developed this vibrant nail look for Monse's spring/summer 2017 NYFW show. Her inspiration for the look were the bold colors from this season's catwalks, and the ombre-dyed hairstyles of the stylish women on New York City's sidewalks.

Want to get the look yourself? Here's How - Madeline's Ombre mani is simple to achieve at home with no special tools required, just a regular makeup sponge. Featuring Auran't You Relaxed, Teal Good and Robes and Rosé, this take on Ombre is the perfect pop of color for any summer outfit.

Step 1: Apply Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail & Cuticle Oil and massage onto cuticle area. Remove thoroughly from nail plate with alcohol or nail polish remover before painting.
Step 2:  Apply 2 coats of Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Auran't You Relaxed.
Step 3:  Use a makeup sponge cut in half to lightly apply Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Robes and Rosé. Concentrate the color towards the middle of the nail and blend upward towards the free edge. 
Step 4: To create a smoother blend, pour out a small puddle of Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Auran't You Relaxed and apply a mixture of bright pink and darker pink to the center of the nail where the two colors meet. This will allow for a smoother blend.
Step 5:  Repeat this step with the teal color – Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Teal Good. Continue blending colors until you're satisfied with the transition. 
Step 6: After allowing the nails to dry 5 minutes apply Sally Hansen Color Therapy Top Coat to further blend and seal colors together.

Have fun! Cheers!

Xo Nubia Xo

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