Looking For Love With Charlee Fraser For Vogue Australia April 2017.

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Hey Nubians, 

Looking For Love? 

I bumped into this editorial of Charlee Fraser photographed by Sebastian Kim for Vogue Australia April 2017 and it caught my attention therefore, I thought I'd share. Fashion wise when you look at the styling, the outfits look like a mix of the 80s with modern flair. Big shoulders, lots of lady blazers and cool almost full monochromatic looks. 

I've always enjoyed a fashionable blazer and thought they could be used for way more than being at work. Why is it that when people think of a blazer their head automatically goes to an office room? Most people I know don't like wearing them outside of the office. What a tragic styling misconception. Blazers are a powerful piece of clothing and should be used as such at any given moment. I've often mixed a good blazer with denim and a pair of combat boots. I almost look at them as a super heroine cape in a poetic light. It's statement clothing. 

I enjoyed the video that accompanies this editorial because it's called "Looking For Love" and they're in the city. Almost everyone in the city is looking for love. It's not always necessarily looking for it in a person either... but in a hobby, a job, or within ourselves. Love is a tricky, tricky, thing. You might love looking for love! No go figure out that mind-fuck delicate puzzle.

Sebastian Kim - Photographer 
Charlee Fraser - Model
Natasha Royt - Fashion Editor/Stylist 
Peter Gray - Hair Stylist 
Benjamin Puckey - Makeup Artist 
Bette Adams - Set Designer 
Casey Herman - Manicurist 

The makeup and color-blocking above is super rad. 

Glam squad. 

Xo Nubia Xo 

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