My Latest Hair Journey With Aveda Color.

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Hey Nubians!

"Invest In Your Hair Because It's The Crown You Never Take Off"
A lot of people have been complimenting my hair lately and asking where I get my color done which is super nice. I've used a large variety of products throughout the years but lately I've been sticking to mainly Aveda products and Aveda Color. I've been getting my hair colored a nice lavender shade and dark brown by my friend/senior stylist Maria at g Aveda Salon & Spa at Downtown Summerlin in Las Vegas. She's a super sweet heart. The type that talks to you about your life, dances while she mixes color ha ha she's great. 

My hair has gone through quite the journey to get to this happy place...

At some point in time my hair ended up looking like this photo below. It was a half blonde or I guess you can say blondish color and half dark brown. I was trying to slowly go platinum but decided to give up on that journey for now and focus on my hairs health after seeing some breakage.

If you want to have fun with your hair and be able to switch up 'Fashion Colors' pretty often Aveda is good because it starts fading after a few washes which either allows you to re-color it or switch to a new color. I also like that Aveda Hair Color is vegan and cruelty free. The color does not contain petroleum based chemicals which makes the water supply when you wash your hair much cleaner environmentally. 

Aveda Artist mix their colors by creating a formula for it (they're like hair color scientist!) which means the color is customized just for you. It's a pretty cool concept and I love the thought of being more considerate towards the environment which this brand is VERY known for. 

After a while with Maria at g Aveda Salon, TAH DAH! I absolutely love my color. There is also an insane amount of Aveda products I've been starting to use to make sure my hair slowly but surely gets to a luminous healthy state again. There's Dry Remedy, Split End Repair, Hair Masque, Color Conserve... the list goes on. 

Gorgeous dimension to not make color look dull and boring. 

A big perk with my color in particular is that it has faded very nicely as well. It looks like a silver kind of color now and I plan to keep it that way for a while. 

Thanks to those of you have kindly complimented my hair. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment box below. 

Check out g Aveda Salon & Spa HERE

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