Hello Kitty Sporty Sparkly Style.

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Hey Nubians,

I Don't Want To Grow Up. 

I love putting outfits together that look like they don't make sense. This outfit for example, a sporty Sanrio Hello Kitty light jacket, A long thrifted glitter skirt, a backwards DC Comics Wonder Woman baseball cap and a pair of H&M boot heels. Many people might not think this ensemble works but I totally dig it. It's always been a thing I do. I belong to the world of print mixers and color blockers. I take joy in the unconventional and encourage others to always think out the box and have fun. Be confident! I follow many bloggers who dress fun and spontaneously. It doesn't always have to be too crazy but I like to push traditional boundaries a bit. Fashion is suppose to be fun after all. 

My blog used to have so many beautiful outfit photos before when I lived in NY. Now that I live in Vegas, I don't have many people around me that can take the kind of photos I like... You know... great quality somewhere outside with amazing lighting that looks borderline fashion editorial material? I figured I would just take some outfit photos of myself before I head out for the day even if it's against a white wall. Sure it's not as glamorous, but I still want to have my style documented for myself, my future daughter perhaps and anyone else who enjoys reading my blog. I don't want to lose this aspect of my Nubia's Nonsense blog. 

Usually when I go out during the day, I wear barely any makeup. No makeup you say? My 18 years old self would cringe at the thought! I usually only do lipstick and fill my brows (Didn't even do my brows in the photo above) But I love feeling fresh faced like nothing's on my skin. It's liberating! 

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Anyway, Toodle-Lou. Cheers!

Xo Nubia Xo 

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