Cast Lady Gaga As X-Men's Dazzler!

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Hey Nubians, 

Remember Back In 2013 When Bryan Singer Played This Cruel April Fools Joke On Us? 

Well, I think we were all reminded of Lady Gaga as Marvel Comics X-Men's Dazzler after last nights Super Bowl Halftime show. 

I mean ...

First and foremost, Lady Gaga Kicked ass in last night's Super Bowl Halftime Show. I think I kept waiting for her to do something out of this world insanely shocking which she didn't... but that's ok. It let us focus more on her music and beautifully done presentation. Plus she sang 'Born This Way' which I think many people appreciated at a time like this when the world has been crazy. I've always been a fan of hers and thought she was insanely talented, original, and raw. 

Watch Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance HERE

Earlier today I posted a tweet I found on Instagram originally tweeted by @meakoopa. Here it is: 

I thought it was hilarious! One of my friends commented that there was rumors Taylor Swift would be cast as Dazzle which I think I remembered hearing but totally forgot about and the first thing I thought was "God, No. Please. No". Nothing against Taylor Swift people. I also think she's very talented but what can I say... I think Gaga is PERFECT for the part. Maybe this also has something to do with the fact that the X-Men Animated Series from the 90's started my love for all things comicbooks so I have a soft spot for X-Men in my heart. 

To be quite frank, I don't know too much about Dazzler character. All I know is that Marvel originally teamed up with a Disco Label to launch this character but then Disco music era died and that idea went in the garbage. I guess they didn't want to kill the character completely so she ended up in a few X-Men comicbooks and became an X-Men. I mean c'mon she's a musician too?! I always saw photos of Dazzler and liked her look but never picked up the comicbook itself. Maybe now I'll be encouraged to learn a bit more about her character. 

I fell in love with Lady Gaga's acting abilities in American Horror Story. She even won a Golden Globe Award. She played her role phenomenally. She has the ability to kind of put you in a trance... hypnotize you. You should check it her out in 'American Horror Story: Hotel' if you haven't.  

At the end of the day, Give The People What They Want! I think most X-Men fans would be pleased with Lady Gaga being cast as Dazzler. Many of them have made this very clear. She has the acting skills, she got the looks, and she's a singer. BOOM! 


Xo Nubia Xo 

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