Boy Meets Girl x Care Bears Collection at Colette! 35 Years Of Caring.

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Hey Nubians, 

The greatest gift of life is friendship

I love Stagy Igel! She is the Founder and Creative Director of Boy Meets Girl and one of the sweetest most inspirational ladies I know. Always chasing her dreams, being kind and helpful towards other, supporting multiple charities, the list goes on. 

Now Boy Meets Girl and Care Bears are collaborating to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Care Bears. Hooray! This will be their second collection together. The collection is exclusive to Colette and is launching on Valentine's Day which I think is perfection! 

Boy Meets Girl x Care Bears will include 10 limited edition pieces featuring women's hoodies, sweats, sweatshirts, tanks, tees and cute colorful Care Bears all over the place of course. The collection retails from $70 to $115.

I met Stacy many years ago and have always been supportive of her Boy Meets Girl collection and she has been supportive of my career and creative endeavors. She even featured me as a Boy Meets Girl Muse a few years ago. Sometimes you meet people and even though you don't talk everyday, you grow an appreciation for them and wish them nothing the best. She is truly a treat. 

(Stacy and I at the Boy Meets Girl showroom making wishes on her Wish Wall) 
Stacy and I at her #BehindTheSeams event. 

I'm very excited about this collection because I love cartoons till this day and remember constantly watching Care Bears growing up. The Care Bear cartoons always carried such a sweet message of positivity and sharing love with others... something I think this world is in desperate need of. Each Care Bear has a different color and has a special tummy symbol on its belly that let's you know about his personality and what his duty is. They use these traits to help their community. On a random note, Care Bears remind me a Chakras... they each have a spiritual power. 

Make sure to follow Stacy and Boy Meets Girl to watch her launch her collection in Paris at Colette February 14th. If you happen to be in Paris, RSVP to the Boy Meets Girl x Care Bears launch in Colette with special performance by the talented Justine Skye! Sounds like so much fun. 

So proud of you friend! Keep on rising! 


Xo Nubia Xo 

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