5 Ways To Spend An Awesome Valentine's Day Alone.

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Love Is In The Air ... 

Valentine's Day is among us and I am dateless! Where will my chocolates, flowers, and shiny gifts be? My boyfriend will be working all night and I will be working all day. Therefore I might have a little something at home waiting for me haha (I better).Spare me with all of the "I don't celebrate Valentine's Day" "We celebrate love everyday" blah blah blah crap. Though to be honest, I do agree love should be celebrated everyday and to be quite frank I never cared much for Valentine's Day gifts. A simple hand written card or something creative would do the job for me. HOWEVER, It's hard not to get a little bittersweet and feel down because brace yourself... you will be seeing tons of affection all around you everywhere! Online, on the streets, in your nightmares... EVERYWHERE. The hugs, holding hands, gazing into each others eyes, kissing, the list goes on. 

For the reasons above, I have decided to share some tips on how to spend an awesome Valentine's Day alone. 

1) Romance Movies On Netflix Or Hulu.
I've always believed a good cry or laugh is healthy for the soul. Microwave some popcorn, pop out the wine, and watch one of the following: 10 Things I Hate About You, Serendipity, Don Jon, When Harry Met Sally, Chocolat, Cruel Intentions, Step Up, and of course anything based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. 

2) Bake Something!
Make a cake or some brownies. Something about baking makes me think of love... maybe a love of sweets! I have serious baking goals I haven't even began to chase. Probably maybe in a later chapter of my life but tomorrow could be a good day to start. Red Velvet heart shaped cakes could be perfect for the occasion. Bring out your inner cook and play some romantic 60's movie.

3) Invite a girlfriend who's free for a girl date! Either in person or on the phone.
Is it just me or is everyone terrified to talk on the phone these days? I talk to my best friend on the phone ALL THE TIME. Try to host a girl date (exception to being alone) or have fun, silly conversation on the phone like you used to in JR High ha ha. Bring simper times back!

4) Spa Day Out Or In.
Book yourself a spa service at a nearby place or do it yourself a home. I wrote an article on XoVain a few moons ago talking about my "Anti-Stress Kit At Home" You can check it out HERE. Nothing like a good face mask, candle, music, and a novel.

5) Cocktails!
When I saw a Chocolate Strawberry Margarita on this Cosmopolitan Magazine list I almost died! From margaritas to mojitos and more. This alcoholic beverage drink is sexy! Whether you enjoy tequila, vodka, whiskey or sweet liqueur there's something for you!

And A Bonus Number 6!
If you're really fortunate you can do them all! Invite a girlfriend, have a mini spa date, make cocktails, watch a chick-flick, bake something and enjoy some cocktails. BOOM! A lot of ladies might enjoy this more than an average date with a guy. It's true. Genuine girl fun brings lot's of love and joy. 
Hope you have a loving Valentine's Day my dears. Cheers! 

Xo Nubia Xo 

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