The Flash: 'Borrowing Problems From the Future' Review.

by - 3:26 AM

So after weeks of waiting, we finally got graced with a new episode of DC Comics The Flash 'Borrowing Problems From the Future'. 

Where did we leave off you asked? Barry and Iris moved in together and he traveled to the future and saw her get shanked and murdered by Savitar. Talk about bittersweet eh? 

Now in the midseason premiere we have our poor Barry Allen waking up to these nightmares and keeping his vision of the future a secret from Iris (Not for long thank GOD!). So this brings me to an interesting question you might be facing in your everyday life...

How Far Would You Go For Love? 

It seems like the next few episodes are going to be operation save Iris's life and give almost all of Team Flash a better future in the process. Things weren't looking too bright for everyone alive either. After Barry reveals some headlines he read from a newspaper in the future, the crew decided they have to change them. This brings me back to THANK GOODNESS Barry shared his vision of Iris's death with the team and they didn't drag this out for the next 3-6 episodes as a secret... I suppose this shows us he's wiser now. Iris had a mini breakdown for a bit but HELLO?! She did just find out she may be dead in 4 months. This made for one of the most touching scenes of love and support I've seen between her and Barry.

The one thing I did find a little frustrating is that no one mentioned FlashPoint. WHAT? Did we learn nothing? My brother has me blaming pretty much everything that happens to me in my daily life on FlashPoint and I felt it was almost ignored during this episode. Everyone seems so on board with changing certain events to alter the future without really considering all the damage this method caused in the past. The decision almost seemed too easy. 

Anyway let's move on to Wally now as 'Kid Flash'. What a fun evolution episode for him. Wally has always been way too over eager to become a MetaHuman and he's not known for his patience. He keeps pushing to fight battles with Barry while Barry wants him to just shadow him. Must have not felt nice when he overheard cops shit talking Kid Flash basically saying he's a coward. So what did he do? What he always does! He didn't listen and saved Barry's life while he was dealing with Plunder (the new villain which I found rather boring this episode). Everyone on the team celebrated Wally but Barry flips out on him for the wrong reasons. They make up eventually and by the end of the episode... let's just say Kid Flash has arrived. WooOOooHoOooO. 

H.R. gets around to opening the Star Labs Museum and it is a mega flop on the first day. Does H.R. remind anyone else of Steve Jobs? His character is kind of this creative, witty guy with great ideas who's surrounded by geniuses that can make them come true. Anyway, I like the support Cisco eventually offered H.R. for the museum. I think their relationship needed to move forward and this was a good way to do it."Greatness Takes Time". I think the future might be bright for Star Labs Museum after a rough start.

Caitlin is on a rollercoaster with controlling her Killer Frost powers and not trusting gadgets that are suppose to help her. I mean can you blame her? Especially after she learned that she's still Killer Frost in the future. Caitlin and Julian bond over hurting people they love and she invites him to join Team Flash. Eventually everyones agrees and Caitlin gets some new taming bling to wear around her neck that's solar powered so she doesn't have to be charging like an iPhone. I like Julian as part of Team Flash... I hope they don't make him go evil again now that he's not possessed. I'm not too sure I trust him yet...

Did I mention I wasn't a huge fan of Plunder? He just seems like another dude with a gun that does all of his evil work for him. We'll see how character development goes with him. 

Joe is the only one kept in the dark about Iris's death in the future so that's a melt down waiting to happen. This was a good episode for him however. He's so proud of his 2 Super Hero Flash sons. Can you say dad of the year?

By the end of the episode everyone meets up at Barry and Iris's for a house warming party. Everyone brings gifts, H.R. got them a turtle which I found a bit curious and he also gave a touching speech about Barry and Iris's love. H.R.'s intentions are starting to become questionable by the end of the episode... 

I think this episode is paving the way for a lot of twist and turns by trying to change the headlines of the articles Barry saw in the future. I'm looking forward to seeing more interesting villains pop up and seeing how Iris and Barry's love keeps evolving. I rate this a 3/5.  

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