Monday Motivation: Vintage Fashion & Beauty Photography by David Bailey.

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Hey Nubians, 

Don't you just wish you were born in the 60s? 

Such amazingly cool and simpler times in the world in my opinion. Hair, fashion, makeup, photography and culture in general seemed a lot more pure, charming and seductive. Technology today, especially Social Media has had it's major ups and most certainly it's major downs when it comes to creativity and content now-a-days. 

Considered a true visionary in contemporary photography, David Bailey is known for photographing some of the most compelling and daring images in fashion & beauty. He was also known as the most famous photographer in 'Swinging London'. What a time to live folks! I was roaming through these photos yesterday and they fed my soul a bit. You'll notice the gorgeous model Jean Shrimpton more than once in these photos because she was David Baileys muse. He once said about the model: 

"She was magic. In a way she was the cheapest model in the world - you only needed to shoot half a roll of film and then you had it."

Enjoy the photographs below. I hope they inspire you to do something a bit different this week. 

I love this hair cut and color. Something that is definitely back in style today. 

What a great dose of color therapy. 

I would love to wear that jumpsuit to a pool party with a turban. How glam. 

Lashes to die for!


Xo Nubia Xo 

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