Vogue Portugal January 2017. Amanda Wellsh Photographed by An Le.

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Often I Miss New York City... 

I really enjoyed this editorial of Amanda Wellsh Photographed by An Le for Vogue Portugal January 2017. It makes me miss my home in Queens, New York. I remember so many nights I would ride the subway in sparkly, glitter dresses on my way to somewhere special. Other days I would be dressed in skinny jeans, ankle boots, and a cool trench coat for New York Fashion Week running up and down the streets. How can I forget those mornings riding the train with a refreshing grande coffee in my hands in an effort to wake up... just eager to take the day on. Always looking stylish, always staying busy, and always full of hopes and dreams. That's what New York was always for me in a nutshell. Inspirational in so many dark and heavenly ways at the same time. 

Photographer: An Le

Styled by: Paulo Macedo
Hair: Nabil Harlow
Makeup: Maya Alleaume
Model: Amanda Wellsh

I am smitten with the ridiculously wonderful amount of detail there is in each and every one of these outfits. I think next time I go shopping I'm going to focus on quality, detailed pieces. Gorgeous embroideries, metallics, sequins, lace and funky patterns. Of course I'm also a firm believer in color therapy so I'll be searching for some fun brights too. 

I hope you enjoyed this editorial as much as I did. It really touched a special place of inspiration for me. 


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