Cosplay Fabrics by Yana Han At New York Comic Con.

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Cosplaying Is Fun But Finding Fabric Can Be Difficult...

While I was strolling down the isles of New York Comic Con I bumped into Cosplay Fabrics by Yana Han. Finding certain fabric, print or textures for cosplay costumes can be quite difficult sometimes. They had a great selection. From feeling the fabric myself I can tell you it's a nice quality. Some options they had were scales, pleather, gun metal, military faux leather, brocade & more.

I almost felt like I would want to buy a few yards of some of the fabric to make some fun fashion statements too. My style is pretty out there so I can imagine some slacks made with some of these prints. The fabrics are available at JOANN's Fabric Store and are roughly about 19.99 a yard. 

This scale print it to die for! 

This blue is perfect for capes, pants, or shirts. 

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