The Coolest Harry Potter Eyeliner.

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Hello Nubians, 

Harry Potter Fandom Rejoice! Storybook Cosmetics Is Releasing A Harry Potter Eyeliner With A Quill!

Storybook Cosmetics does some pretty cool things revolving makeup and stories we love. They previously released Harry Potter makeup brushes that everyone went insane over which sold out during pre-sale in October. They also released a beautiful Wizard of Oz eye shadow palette which came in an actual story book and now they've released the concept for the Harry Potter eyeliner.  

The caption read: 

"Concept photo. (This is how we start our design process!) Quill & Ink liner duo coming 2017! 🖋"

I LOVE it! I hope they keep the packaging exactly the same. The liner bottle is a glass inkpot and the eyeliner brush is a fine-point quill that looks like the ones used in the Hogwarts.
What do you guys think? Even if you're not the biggest Harry Potter fan it's a beautiful set. 

Xo Nubia Xo

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