Cool Gothic Lolita Fashion With Punk Rave.

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Hey Nubians, 

Take A Walk On The Dark Side Of Fashion. 

Recently I bumped into the online shop 'Punk Rave' and I fell in love with so many pieces of clothing! They sell mainly Gothic Clothes and Lolita Style Clothing.

I've always been a fan of Gothic looks. The styles have so much personality and attitude. I frequently find beautiful silhouettes, romantic looks full of lace and wonder, Gothic Victorian Dresses, creative hoodies and there is so much detail in these pieces. If you really pay attention you'll notice interesting buttons, multiple buckles, trim and other glorious little touches. 

It's easy to own a piece such as a black blazer that you may love but most of them are basic. In a store like Punk Rave, you find blazers with personality! With a noticeable architectural structure. Jackets and dresses that make you look like a rebel. Fashion that's edgy and makes a statement. Some clothing speaks for you with out you having to say a word. 

I also adore that the store has a lot of Steam Punk inspired looks. I once went to a Steam Punk Panel at New York Comic Con around 2010 I believe and I was blown away. They spoke of the dedication it takes to build their machinery. Things like becoming friends with people on movie sets to be able to collect scraps, dumpster diving, and the hours spent? Forget about it! I have so much respect for the culture Steam Punk has created. 

Another style that stood out to me at Punk Rave is Lolita! They have some kick ass Gothic Lolita Dresses. I have dressed Lolita in the past as a homage to Japanese Culture while I attended festivals. Lolita is a mix of Victorian and Edwardian clothing. I went through a huge Harajuku style phase a few years ago and still try to incorporate a little bit of it into my current looks. The ruffles and layers make it great to work with the pieces in an outfit. I played around with super colorful looks but also all black as well. 

Below are some looks that caught my eye. Hope you like them! Learn more about Punk Rave HERE

Xo Nubia Xo

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