New York Comic Con Wonder Women Two Face Cosplay.

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Hello Nubians,

New York Comic Con Was So Much Fun! Here's One Of My Cosplay Stories...

” A new journey to be started. A new promise to be fulfilled. A new page to be written. Go forth unto this waiting world with pen in hand, all you young scribes, the open book awaits. Be creative. Be adventurous. Be original. And above all else, be young. For youth is your greatest weapon, your greatest tool. Use it wisely.”       
Wonder Woman 
You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
Harvey Dent

I'd like to start off by saying congratulations to DC Comics Wonder Woman for being Designated as United Nations Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls. That is so HUGE

How Exactly did the Wonder Woman - Two Face Idea Come To Life? 

This is the second year in a row I partner up with my sister-in-law Kaori. Last year she did the wig for my Ghost Rider cosplay and I did the makeup. This year she asked me if we can come up with an idea and if she could put the whole look together. I thought it would be fun since she's a licensed stylist and is super creative. It also took a lot of stress off my back this year. I didn't have to worry about finding pieces and enhancing them or worry about doing my own makeup etc. She got to promote her work and I was still able to still cosplay and feel that joy of being in character = WIN/WIN

The idea was born while we were brainstorming one day. Kaori asked me if I knew who I wanted to cosplay for New York Comic Con. I still had no idea and she suggested I do Wonder Woman. At first I said "No, Wonder Woman is a bit overdone, I want to do something a bit more creative this year... What about Two Face?" Then she suggested why don't we do both and BOOM! The idea was born. Kaori had a small art series the year before were she mash ups of some Disney characters with DC Comics Two Face. She was no stranger to the concept. She the sketch she created for the cosplay below.

I've always loved Wonder Woman and always found the Harvey Dent story tragic but metaphoric to our own lives in a sense. I think we all have a bit of madness in us and all feel the need to flip a coin to make a hard decision sometimes. 

Anyway, the next thing we had to worry about was supplies for the costume. I was in Las Vegas while she was in New York so we couldn't work together as much as we wanted to in the beginning. Because of distance and me not being able to try anything on, we thought it best to rework a costume. We went online and I purchased a Wonder Woman inspired costume which you can see HERE. I told Kaori that I liked the Lynda Carter costume embroidery so that she should use that as inspiration. She then went out shopping for trim and for fabric for the Two Face side of the costume. We decided to make the Two Face side part a magenta type of color to keep it a bit feminine. TAH-DAH! With the power of fabric, a needle and thread, embellishments and  a glue gun, Kaori did a stellar job. I was super impressed. 

Kaori also asked me if I had an old pair of shoes I was ready to throw out that would match the height of my Wonder Woman heels for the Two Face side. See the before and after transformation she did below. There is so much detail that went into this New York Comic Con cosplay that I don't think this blog post even does it justice.

Below are a few of the items we used to make the costume look prettier and scarier. Crazy contacts for the Two Face side, eye lashes, the cracked wonder woman crown Kaori altered, bracelets, and nipple stickers to avoid tragic accidents (No Janet Jackson nip-slips here). I made the Two Face double headed coin (his lucky charm/decision maker he took from Maroni) that can be seen in almost all of the photos. We tried to look for a regular coin but it seemed too small. I printed 2 head sides of a coin on a sheet of paper and cut them out. I then proceeded to pasting it on a piece of cardboard I cut to be the same size to make it sturdy. After that I drew in the scratches on one side to represent the scarred side of the coin. It was cooler this way because I was able to exaggerate the side of the coin. 

Getting the blue body paint all over half of my body was a body was a mission. Kaori and I started painting away. We used both Mehron Liquid Face Paints which was good but I found to be a tad bit more watery and thin than I wanted... I think it worked as a good base. Over the Mehron Body Paint we used Ben Nye Creme Colors in Sky Blue. I really loved the Ben Nye products! They were pigmented and very thick. Over the makeup we used Ben Nye Classic Translucent Face Powder Super White to set. I became a big fan of Ben Nye products and will surely purchase them again. For my face makeup and colors like yellow or red we used regular Halloween makeup kits that you can find at your local Walgreens like this one HERE. We also used a few colors from our regular makeup bag such as red lipstick etc. I did the regular makeup side for Wonder Woman which was pretty much like an everyday makeup routine.


Kaori also molded the wig from regular straight hair into the final result you see in these photos. It took some cutting and styling to achieve the final look. 

I'm so very happy with the results of the Wonder Women - Two Face cosplay. Kaori and I had so much fun! I think we would definitely do it again! 

The blue color bled a little bit on my other thigh, I think that's the only thing we would try to improve next time.

Kaori and myself selfie time. 

My friend Dane along with Jamal Johns which I met that day. They're both awesome cosplayers.

Myself and Diana chillen.

Bumped into this gorgeous Corpse Bride.

 Dane, Myself, Kaori.

Bumped into my beautiful friend Kosi dressed as Spider Gwen. She looked amazing!

I couldn't go to New York Comic Con without visiting my talented buddy Selina and her Jelly Empire. I became a fan of her work years ago. You should all check out her site HERE

Found me a light saber!

I had such a blast at New York Comic Con. It often reminds me of New York Fashion Week because I find it very stressful, I always say I'm never going to do it again, but then I always do. 

If you have any questions for me drop them on the comment box below. 
If you would like to get in touch with Kaori about hair,makeup, cosplay opportunities, or any questions/inquiries you can reach her at 917-600-4606 or email her at


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