New York Comic Con Cosplayers.

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Hello Nubians,

We Love To Cosplay...

I love cosplay. I also love going to New York Comic Con to Cosplay myself and to admire other people's looks. Whether it's from Marvel or DC Comics, video games, anime, & much more. I am often smitten by what other put together. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with the word 'Cosplay' it's a mix of 2 words 'costume' and 'play'. A lot of people still get confused with the term... I think it's a lot different than a 'costume' for example like the one you wear on Halloween. When I think of wearing a costume I just think about it like something I do with no reasoning behind it. Perhaps I wear a costume on Halloween to look scary, or sexy, or look like a person or object... but that's it... It's all just on the outside. When I think about cosplaying I think about not just looking like a character but being that character. I think about cosplaying as a short escape from reality into a fun stress free place where I get to act like a character I like or admire for some particular reason.  

I think some people get judgemental about cosplaying and even go as far as calling it stupid or childish because they don't comprehend the concept behind it. I couldn't disagree more. First off, I think cosplay brings peace to people by allowing them to enter a fictional reality and celebrate something they love. Most people that cosplay are ridiculously friendly. I've heard so many people comment on how they spent years in High School or College and barely made any friends of felt like an outcast... then they started cosplaying and life changed. 

Secondly, I think cosplay brings unity. If you walk into a convention you see and hear people all complimenting each other on their looks and taking photos together. There are many cosplay communities that people are part of. You see laughs and smiles all over the place. It allows many people that feel awkward and anti-social to come out of their shells. I also think cosplay encourages a massive amount of creativity. So many of these people make the costumes and do the makeup themselves and even if they don't, it encourages team-work. 

One thing I find truly inspiring is what I've heard from girls and women. Cosplay has built a lot of confidence in women by getting them to dress up, mingle, be surrounded by people, make new friends, bond over interest, learn about hair, makeup, and more etc. Cosplay has built women up mentally and physically which I believe is a grand feat! 

If you've never tried cosplaying before, I recommend you do. Approach it with an open mind. Stop being uptight and let yourself go. I PROMISE YOU, you will have so much more fun than you thought you would. 

Below see some cosplay looks I thought were pretty cool that I was able to snap at New York Comic Con 2016. I had so many cosplayers who's looks I completely loved 
Super fun gender bend BeetleJuice.

Macho Man!"Need a little excitement? Snap into a Slim Jim! OoOoo Yeahhh" See classic commercial HERE

Is that you Hunter?! Where's The Flash.

Myself as Marvels Ghost Rider and my friend Dane as Assassins Creed The Joker.

Fantastic Four.

Mr and Mrs Harvey Dent. 

Super Dog!

Retro Batman.

Jason VoorHees Ch Ch Ch Ah Ah Ah.

Mr Michael Audrey Myers. 


Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Attack on Titan

Maleficent and the Joker became good friends. 

Punk Joker!

Harley Quinn

Joker Fight

Silver Surfer


Mini Wonder Woman

Pinup Mystique

Team Rocket

Captain America

Princess Peach and Rocky Horror

Gotta Catch Em' All

The Mask

Corpse Bride

Power Puff Bros

Hope you enjoyed these photos. 


Xo Nubia Xo
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