Mezco Reveals The Living Dead Dolls Resurrection X.

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Hey Nubians, 

Gosh I can't wait for Halloween... 

Which is one of the reasons I loved receiving this email from Mezco Toyz. I became a big fan of Mezco Toyz about 2-3 years ago because of the detail that goes into their action figures and dolls. They design & create comic, TV, movie, and pop culture action figures for all ages. 

I've been yearning for Fall lately and I'm a big time lover of Halloween. It's always been my favorite Holiday. I love horror movies, even the ones that actually manage to scare me (there aren't many). I was smitten when I saw The Living Dead Dolls Resurrection X collection . The Mezco Living Dead Dolls are eery as hell and quite popular! These are already sold out! *sigh*

I still wanted to share them because I admire the craftsmanship. I mean realistically, picture one of these on your bookshelf... you might be inspired to write a novel based on the creepiness alone. It's like they stare back. I love them! They make parts of me happy. They're also wearing real clothing and come in a coffin which is pretty sweet. 

"This extremely limited edition set entombs four dolls from previous series reimagined and "resurrected" with a new, terrifying look. Join us as we once again reawaken the dead in this tenth resurrected series.
The dolls that comprise Resurrection Series X are:
  • Angus
  • Purdy
  • Tessa
  • The Lost
Each doll stands ten inches tall, has five points of articulation, and features real cloth clothing. Each doll comes in their own coffin box with a special opaque lid. The glossy ebony cover helps not only to block the light, but to highlight the silver foil accents adorning their name plates. The coffin itself has been reimagined with a sleek monochromatic black on black design specific to this series.
Resurrection X is limited to only 250 sets within the US."

As I mentioned prior these are sold out for now. But if you're into collecting or gifting amazing figures and dolls, follow Mezco Toyz online on their social media channels - FB - Insta - Twitter
Check out this awesome The Living Dead Dolls 'Showtime Beetle Juice' you can pre-order now. Worth every penny.

What do you think about these Mezco Toyz Living Dead Dolls? Do they feed the dark places in your soul? 

Xo Nubia Xo

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