Long Live Sporty Fashion. Be True To You!

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Hey Nubians,

Be True To You.

I've always had such love for fashion and individual style. Though I've always enjoyed wearing a nice pair of heels, I find myself being... well... more myself in casual attire which I find ways to dress up. I love a pair of dope sneakers too! 

I think when a girl tries too hard to look 'sexy' by dressing a certain way it takes away from her natural fierce essence if that makes any sense. People are so much more beautiful than they give themselves credit for without having to try that hard. Not to say there's anything wrong with trying to be sexy, I do it all the time ha ha but there's no need to torture yourself over your appearance or let it ruin your life. 

Don't let insecurities ruin your life. BE TRUE TO YOU. In a world full of intense marketing and style bloggers like myself... it's hard to stay unique sometimes. We've all been there. Sometimes I think people are starting to look more and more alike everyday and it's totally freaky/scary because the truth is... they look nothing alike! It's like clones roaming around. Certain hair and makeup is making people look more and more  alike. I see 50 girls a day online that look like Kim Kardashian and it's baffling to me. It's totally acceptable to admire individuals and to even take bits and pieces from their style... we all have idols. To straight up try to BE them is just weird to me. Love yourself. There's only one you. Being comfortable in your own skin is something a lot of us struggle with our whole lives. If you feel comfortable in your own skin, you're blessed. Make it a mission to learn more about yourself everyday... I'm still learning and probably will never stop because I'm quite complicated.

Anyway, on to the fashion segment, I like to dress up my casual looks by styling my hair a bit more, showy earrings, sunglasses, and most of all... confidence. POW! 

I had these cute pair of slacks I picked up from Patty's Closet and they're a great item you can dress up or down. I decided to dress them down a bit with a pair of brown Nike Hyperdunks and a cute crop top from H&M. 

I also wore hoop earrings and some cute cat eyed sunglasses I picked up from a street vendor. It was a good outfit to run around in and get some errands done in. 

One of my stops that day was Menchie's at Downtown Summerlin. They have super yummy frozen yogurt.

I also got my little baby Leo handwashed. It was long overdue. I call my car Leo because he reminds me of a ninja turtle. 

What have you been up to lately? How do you remind yourself to Be True To You

Cheers my dears! 

Xo Nubia Xo

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