My Top 3 Best Dressed From The Oscars.

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Hey Nubians, 

I just finished watching the Oscars 2016 and it was enjoyable. Chris rock was pretty funny and a lot of great people won tonight. However, I have a short attention span which is why I usually focus on the red carpet more ha ha. Who can resist so many well dressed humans?! 

I love extravagant dresses, hair and makeup. I often feel bummed out I don't have enough occasions to get all glammed up for myself. Below you'll see my top 3 favorite looks of the night. 

Rachel McAdams in a emerald green colored August Getty halter dress.

There are a few things I like about this look. First off a I love the simplicity of the dress and the deep emerald color. The fabric falls in all the right places without being skin tight. In addition, I can always appreciate a little 'Jolie' leg action. 

McAdams has a nice classic up-do with some neutral makeup. The earrings and shoes pair together nicely too. It's a beautiful, balanced look and she is a gorgeous woman.

Sofia Vergara in a navy blue embellished gown by Marchesa.

I have no words for Sofia Vergara. I think I've never seen this stunning Colombian mamasita ever dressed bad EVER. She absolutely slays every red carpet. The Marchesa gown is a winner. There was a lot of embellished dresses going down the red carpet. I think you have to know how to rock an embellished gown properly to not go overboard. Her dress and earrings were the main focus while everything else was down played. Well done Sofia... Well done.


Jennifer Lawrence in Dior.

I'm quite the fan of Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet. She looks killer in this Dior dress... the only thing I'm not loving too much about this outfit is the necklace. Besides that, I'm a fan of everything. All the lace has me feeling romantic. 

These ladies all looked beautiful tonight. Cheers to them for all of their amazing work. 

Oh and P.S. 


You know I had to let him crash this post. A way overdue and well deserved victory. 

What was your favorite looks from the Oscars? 


Xo Nubia Xo

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