My Female Gambit Cosplay At New York Comic Con.

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"You wanna play with Gambit? Here, pick a card!"

I had so much fun this past New York Comic Con. I think it was the most fun I had cosplaying in a long time. If you love fashion, makeup, hair, comics, and video games, cosplaying might be your favorite new hobby. I already told you the story behind my Ghost Rider cosplay and how it came together and now it's time to talk about Marvel Comic's Gambit from the X-Men! 

I grew up watching the X-Men animated series along with my 2 older brothers. I used to LOVE it. I would wake up every Saturday morning and watch pretty much the whole Fox Kids line-up. I miss those days dearly...sigh. Anyway the X-Men animated series was like an animated telenovela for me. It was so dramatic! The story lines about Wolverine, Jean Grey, Rogue, Gambit, Beast, Jubilee and more were amazing. There was love triangles, people coming back from the dead, revolutions, new characters all the time, take overs, invasions, and much more. The characters all had intriguing back stories and very distinct personalities. One of my favorite characters was the ragin' cajun Gambit. 

Gambit is from New Orleans, Louisiana which you may have guessed by hearing his thick cajun accent. His real name is Remy LeBeau. His mutant ability is that he can create and control kinetic energy. He's also very good and cocky at playing cards which is probably why he selected them as one of his favorite weapons of choice as well as the use of a boa staff. Besides his powers/abilities he has so much charm, charisma, is quite the looker, and I always enjoyed keeping up with his romance with Rogue. The best! Anyways let's talk about the cosplay....

About The Female Gambit Cosplay.

I was so happy to be to do a female Gambit. I've been planning to do a Gambit cosplay for some years now but I kept putting it off. 

The first thing I purchased was the trench coat. I purchased the coat at a Unique thrift store in New Jersey about 4 years ago and I was saving it for this occasion. Secondly I purchased the wig at AliExpress. It was a short brown wig and my sister-in-law Kaori teased it a bit to give it volume. Next my friend Mary is a designer and she's the best because she helped me so much! She took a pair of black leggings and sewed on the magenta stripes. We purchased blue fabric and a light blue satin fabric and she made the neck piece and the belt with it. I purchased a magenta shirt at Walmart and attached the neck piece to it. One thing that gave the outfit a special oomph was the blazing red contacts I purchased here, everyone loved them.  The last thing I found was the over the knee boots. I couldn't find them in the light blue color so I purchased white boots and spray painted them the color seen in the photos. 

My only regret with the cosplay is that I didn't get a chance to find the proper face piece I wanted that gambit wears. I was only able to find a headband. I will surely improve the face piece of the cosplay if and when I ever do it again. I'll even paint it on my face if I had to. 

Bumped into some of my X-Men homies.

Crazy eyes.

Gambit meets Venom.

The photo above is some cool art ThatsBabore did of me after he saw my photo on instagram. I'm glad the outfit made people happy.  

Lastly one of my Christmas gifts this year my brother gave me was this dope Gambit action figure and he took a photo of my female Gambit New York Comic Con cosplay and turned it into a comic book cover. Awesome right?! I love it. 

I had so much fun during New York Comic Con. What's your favorite Comic Book character?


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