The Delpozo Pre-Fall 2016 Collection Is Fire!

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Delpozo Brings You Knits On Another Level...

This spanish houses first Pre-Fall 2016 line up has left me wanting more! Josep Font did a brilliant job with this Delpozo Collection. My hat goes off to him and I'm left in utter awe, it's pure art. Font looked for inspiration in the works of Mexican architect Luis Barragán and the photography of Japanese artist Nobuyoshi Araki just to name a few. Araki is known for his floral photography and you will see that inspiration reflected in the collection throughout the day wear. 

I believe what has me fully entranced with this collection besides the use of color (because you all know I'm a sucker for color) is the voluminous silhouettes. Some of these combinations you wouldn't usually think look good off the bat but they've been put together beautifully. Other glorious features seen in the collection are oversized prints and embellishments. There are handmade vinyl brooches on the collars and shoulders that make many of these pieces look even dreamier. It's such a nice compliment for the clothing. 

Lastly for me the knitwear was the star of the collection. There are exaggerated wool and cashmere pieces I'd love to get my hands on. Crazy cool fringe, pops of color, and texture play can be seen all over the place. 

Pieces from Delpozo will run you a pretty penny (over 1,000 for a knit top) but if you're looking to make a real investment in worthwhile fashion that will never be dated and that you can even pass on to your feature daughter, I would definitely recommend you check out this collection. It's like collecting art as long as you know how to take care of your clothing and cherish it. 

What do you think about the collection? 


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