Manicure Monday: Metallic Nails For The Holidays.

by - 7:42 PM

The Press-Ons Obsession Continues...

This weeks nails are all about metallics. Lately I've been talking so much about how press-ons have been my ultimate go-to nail hack for a beautiful manicure in minimal time. I also swear by my Kiss Maximum Speed Nail Glue to keep the press-ons put and make them last long. 

Purple is one of my favorite colors and I love the touch of silver. This manicure gives me 90s vibes and sort of remind me of a disco ball ha ha. 

If you'd like to find some awesome press-ons, some of my favorite spots are Target and online on Ebay. To find some cool press-ons for .99 cents you can check out The Dollar Tree or Lot-Less. 


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