Manicure Monday: Golden Girl Manicure.

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Time to show you my Golden Girl Manicure! 

Ok, ok, not those Golden Girls, even though that would have been pretty freaken awesome! One of my go to beauty hacks when you want beautiful, unique flawless nails is applying press ons. It's the closet thing to a professional DIY manicure. 

I often buy a bunch and of press on sets and stock up on them when I find a good deal. This week I applied a pair of gold Pretty Woman 3D Droplet Nails that I found at Lot-Less for $1.00. The reason that's such a sweet deal is because the nails have a 3D effect on them where it looks like they have water drops on the nails that pop out. The pack brings 24 nails and glue which is very helpful. I thought gold was a good color to apply this week because I've been in the holiday groove.  

Even though the kit brings it's own glue, I am very faithful to the KISS Maximum Speed nail glue. It works extremely quick and last very long for me so I always keep one around.

After applying...

See the pretty drops. So cute!

These press ons fit nicely and feel sturdy. If you see them around, you should pick up a pair. Especially for .99 cents, they're such a steal. 


Xo Nubia Xo

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