Kiko Mizuhara For Nylon Japan January 2016.

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Hello Nubians,

Kiko Mizuhara For Nylon Japan January 2016 is like the 90s come back to life with a slight touch of modern day edge. The shimmery turtle neck, zebra print, high waisted skirts, knee highs, plaid, and just the colors in general are fantastic. So much fun! Styling this shoot must have felt like a day at the playground. The outfits are crazy, sexy, cool. Fashion gals will surely enjoy this. The emojis make it cute too. 

The hair is super kawaii with multiple shimmery hair ties and multiple clips worn together at once. The makeup is simple which is good with everything going on in the outfit, just a bit of eye shadow to top everything off. I love the 90s so I find this editorial very inspiring and I'd love to rock outfits like these when Spring 2016 arrives. I even made a 90s video on my YouTube before but it's for hair and makeup and it's a bit more dark and grunge. 

Anyways, enjoy the editorial!

Photo by: Bungo Tsuchiya
Styling: Shun Watanabe
Hair: Taku
Make up: Yusuke Saeki
Nails: Eichi Matsunaga

Which of these looks is your favorite? 

Xo Nubia Xo

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