Retro Christmas & Holidays Inspiration!

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Hey Nubians,

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree ...

Theres something about the 1950's and 60's that has always endlessly inspired me. The way women dressed, did their makeup, styled their hair, everything was just so perfect! They also carried themselves with so much class! No twerking with your ass out just to get on a vine comp on get likes on instagram (so sad). Anyways back to the fashion, I've even been thinking that as a 2016 New Years Resolution I'm going to grow my sassy dress and circle skirt collection. I also have a fascination for the way marketing and ads were used during those years too. I think a brand like Coca Cola or Pepsi should definitely bring this style back! It would be so refreshing. 

Over the weekend I was looking at some Christmas photos and ads from the 1950s and 1960s and they very much resonate a message of love and happiness with me. Something about them is just magic... I can't really explain it but it fills me with joy. I hope these fill you with joy or at the very least inspire your outfits, hair, makeup or some cute photo shoots. 

Ever since Tex Avery I love a hot girl with a flirtatious wolf. 

I might have to make a DIY project out of the hat above. 

Wouldn't mind living in a house like this at all. Love it!

Another pair of very cute Christmas tree hats. 


A little holiday boogie. 

Oh Honey! you shouldn't have!

So much warmth and love. Cheers! Happy holidays to all my beautiful readers! 

Xo Nubia Xo

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