Bright Fall Fashion Roaming Brooklyn.

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Hello Nubians,

Fall In NYC Feels Good. 

I was a little cold in this jacket but I survived. This Fall I've been trying to incorporate bright colors in almost all of my outfits hence my Royal gla.MAR.ous beanie which has quickly become one of my favorites. Who doesn't want to wear their crown? About the rest of my outfit... my awesome printed jacket is from Patty's Closet. My jeans are by GUESS and my boots have been my go-to's since I arrived in NY by Dr. Martens.

I've been in New York for almost 2 weeks now and it feels great to be home. Over the weekend I went to Brooklyn to eat some Thai food with my friend and it felt like the good ol days. Though the weather is getting cold, it feels nice to roam the streets and pick up the city vibe. Also, that means more layering and endless style possibilities. The leaves look beautiful, the skies are bright, and New York is still New York.

Love is in the air.

  1. supposedly capable of transmitting thoughts to other people and of knowing their thoughts; psychic.

Can't wait to see where else the week takes me.


Xo Nubia Xo

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