Have You Seen Kylie Jenner's Hair Tattoo? Get The Look.

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Hello Nubians,

Hair Tattoos? Say What? 

Now I'm not usually one to blog about any Jenner or Kardashian for no reason like the rest of the world, but I found this really cute and pretty.

I'm always looking around for the next hot new hair trend. I saw a photo of Kylie Jenner rocking this pretty hair tattoo and decided to look into it a bit. I think if you wear one or two of these hair tattoos they're very pretty and can even look elegant with gold jewelry. It's an accessory to make your hair stand out a bit without you having to dye it.

The cool thing about these hair tattoos is that they're crazy affordable and made by Scünci.

Scünci Hair Tattoos: Bring the tattoo trend to your tresses with new hair tattoos that work on both skin and hair. Applied with water, each stylish tattoo brings a metallic glimmer to your look, and comes off just as easily as it goes on. Available in assorted colors/designs, $4.99 at Ulta stores. 

What do you think guys? Would you rock a hair tattoo? 


Xo Nubia Xo

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